Gospel 155 ~Will’s Christmas List I~

For the record, Christmas was never a real fetish of mine. I’ve seen cosplayers, porn stars, as the Queen B *shudders* herself sang a “Naughty Girl” dressing up. Doesn’t do anything for me, really. “Will’s Christmas List I” begins with two cents

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Gospel 155 ~Will’s Christmas List I~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and didn’t I say I HATE CHRISTMAS yesterday? So I better get in the habit of buying my own stuff? I went to the car repair place today. Let me say this AHEM, FUCK SERRA HYUNDAI!!! Another FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS?
Excuse me, Dirty Diana, Thursdays are supposed to be good days. The joke is on me, I guess, but I didn’t give those bastards one dime. As far as any money I’ll be spending this Christmas, um, my Dæmon comes to mind. Next would be the written word, more books.

Now aren’t words free, you ask? Well, This Is America? The first thing I want for Christmas. Okay, maybe not first, but seeing as how I’ll do four parts of this. I want ideas, Dirty Diana. Naughty, Filthy, Dirty, Depraved, Fucked Up, and downright Ignorant. Interesting is an understatement. You know the conversations I have with the other girls and the man in the mirror. I want to feel comfortable enough to say “Yabbos” again. Breasts, Tits, Fun Bags, now I could continue. Why not say something like “Cunt,” whoa, only in my stories. And I don’t know if Eric Vall has ever used the term. Odds are I won’t read it in “The Christmas Pickup” by Abby Knox. Yet I want more Erotica, and I don’t want to feel so eww as I did with K Webster’s “Stroke of Midnight,” um yeah, no way.

Not only do I want a lot more books, but I also want to be free to talk about them. You’ve clearly seen how I’ve been writing again. Is my viewership going up? Hackers and scammers, but still, since I ain’t shelling out cash to some car place, what about some ads? Could work? Speaking of work, what about my novels. I’ve been crowing all week about finishing NaNoWriMo, and I haven’t looked at my work since. So that’s me trying not to FAP, sigh. I know I don’t write so sexy, of course. Fucking throughout literature takes creativity. Lastly, while I’m all about lust… You won’t believe me, but I want to know how to write about love again. Sure I saw MILF Dos yesterday. I never speak to MILF Tres and MILF Cuatro; I’m not that fucking STUPID.

Not with them, but “I Want to Know What Love Is.” That’s what I want, Santa. Will’s Christmas List I

I Will Have No Fear

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