Gospel 156 ~Too Much Sauce Will~

Maybe I miss the Blazin’ sauce from B-Dubs; I would put it on everything. Only getting ready for Hell, though the book description I wrote today amazingly doesn’t sound anything like it. Yeah, just hand it to NaNoWriMo. Too Much Sauce Will.

Friday, December 4, 2020

Gospel 156 ~Too Much Sauce Will~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, which means I can bring back Buffalo Wild Wings (Blazin’) sauce. Yes, I keep up with the news. I do remember the trouble last year—racism at B-Dubs. However, last Saturday, I went with my second best friend and her hubby. Now I know something was off. Nothing happened. I only mean I didn’t read they had Blazin’ sauce on the menu anymore. Speaking of things I didn’t read or wish I hadn’t. I’m still “salty” at Serra Hyundai. $500.00, no way. Now there’s still Coronavirus.

Of course, they’re not shutting down the Day Job because of it. Hell, I could use the money because of the “dang,” car. I’m sure there is a file somewhere showing a few pennies raise. Doubtful as Coronavirus strikes again, so as somebody said the rich get richer as so. Meanwhile, I’m no longer reading about how to get my Dæmon’s nail from out of his collar. Yeah, I took the collar off, but you know how he can be… I wish there were alternatives to, um, him hating my guts. He’s cuddled up with me, yet Depression lingers. He’s quiet, but my smartphone, with its bleeps and bops, is starting to drive me out of my mind. Sometimes it’s stupid emails. Others, it’s Twitter that I don’t want to stop because, as the song goes. “I feel STUPID.” I wish I had freedom like Elliot Page, formerly Ellen Page.

No, not like that. You can check every Thursday for the past few years. What I mean is, not living as you desire, having to hide, so much. It’s too much trying to cover-up what you really are. Which brings me to get some work done um, my book description:

Going to the chapel and he’s gonna get BURIED

An apple a day keeps a doctor away… too bad he’s marrying her. Win Bridgman, having buried his Cherry, is looking to HAPPIER days. Cuddled with the future, Mrs. Bridgman. Once Dr. Sarah Haven. But what’s the Garden of Eden when one has been to Heaven above or Hell below. At least he still runs “The Moondust,” which is now a family affair.

Between his adopted son, The Master. Evie Barrett, his daughter-in-law, the newly crowned “Mistress Moondust.” Along with his wife to be, the Madam. Why isn’t he HAPPY at all?

Saving Cherry hadn’t worked, and how long does it take a man to forget. If Sarah has it her way, he better not forget about one more girl she put in the ground. Most relationships began with a series of lies. Sarah’s and Win’s, however, was the fact she had forgotten her ole “Hippocratic Oath,” some time long ago.

She wasn’t the only one, from politicians to Cherry’s father. What of the new girls in town threatening her place beside Win?

Uh-hmm maybe, Too Much Sauce Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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