Gospel 161 ~Will Takes A Break~

Another week, another Christmas book, or more a novella. What am I taking a break from reading anything real? Says the man who’s been lost in Eric Vall’s novels? What else have I been doing besides sleeping, hmm? “Will Takes A Break,” again

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Gospel 161 ~Will Takes A Break~

Forgive Me Echo,
I AM a Billionaire right now, which means I should be “EVIL…” The other day I read something to the tune of a billionaire is like a dragon hoarding wealth. Add to my list of things to do; sleeping on a pile of money. That’s me taking a break. I only sleep. Don’t worry, Inspector Echo. If last night was any sign. When it comes to talking to you and the girls, I’m like Edward Cullen meets Bella Swan. We’ll get into books in a minute or later. It’s almost 6:00 PM, meaning it’s time for some Far Cry 5 and WWE.

Now I talked about the DRAGON and all, but here’s something else. Idle hands are the Devil’s playthings. Again I’m getting back into gaming because I have to give myself things to do. You must be thinking, “killing cultists?” Well, they ain’t MAGA hats, hmm? Okay, that was pretty dark but, don’t ask me to go darker. I still think about that book from K Webster from time to time. I imagine I would have liked such a thing once. For now, it creeps me out what occurred at the end. Oh, and the 2nd comes out in a month. I’m thankful I finished “Sinning The Cherry On Top,” but you don’t know what it’s like. I hate not working on it, and the conclusion, and then picking it up again. Once I thought it was the reason that I couldn’t get to bed at a decent time. So what did I do last night?

Well, I mean besides talking to Madam Justice and finally getting to bed around 4:00 AM? Let’s say starting that morning is a blur, and I literally can’t talk about it. Yet again, my Republican tendencies of knowing, wanting honesty, but I won’t utter anything. Sadly, I won’t be completing my Six Impossible Things. You can take your pick on the number except if it’s six. I’m reading another Christmas story, a novella. Inspector Echo, you can call me lazy for all the breaks I’ve been taking. Indulging within procrastination. Only now, I’m trying to hide away from life, from knowing right and wrong. And of course, from the Day Job that breaks me more than anything and yet I go don’t I, my schedule.

A lucky break ain’t coming, and I’m sorry I believed such. Will Takes A Break

I Will Have No Fear

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