Gospel 160 ~Through Your Eyes Will~

It’s nearly 3 AM, and I can barely keep my eyes open, so it looks like I’ll be wasting tomorrow well today. If only I had someone to waste it with that didn’t have four legs. “Through Your Eyes Will,” I have four eyes, so I’m complaining because

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Gospel 160 ~Through Your Eyes Will~

Dear Future Wife,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and I still haven’t seen it all. Don’t get it twisted; I’ve looked at every dime of my money or ours, I should say, right? I’m all for 50-50, the 80-20 concept, and 20-20 vision, though after this year. So much to say with foggy glasses. People say that love is blind. Others say it was love at first sight. As for me… when I close my eyes, at least it isn’t the tune of an old white man. You knew I had to break out with Kylie Minogue’s Love at First Sight and Janet Jackson’s That’s The Way Love Goes.

I have always been one for tradition. My love, I am one for the fairy tale. Now no one teaches you to fall in love. As “silly” as it sounds, I always figured one day I would see “Her,” and that would be the end. First time I ever felt that… high school, senior year. Well, you can say that’s when I found my type. Are you that, are you the dream that I imagined. To be honest, you know my musical taste, so I can be open to a lot. On that note, how about another song, I Only Have Eyes for You. Then you ask how was work… However, I find Abby Knox’s book a lot more fascinating and how Bear’s character is. That’s exactly how I fell in love, minus the snowstorm. While I’m loving the masks, if I’m cold, the only place I’ll be looking is to a roaring fire and my warm bed… well, ours.

Only that’s not the reason I’m so late tonight or this morning. I have three words for you, Quest For Camelot. Garrett was blind, and he fell in love with Kayley. He’s another man I can relate to, seeing how he was a hermit until he met her. And Here I Am with you. Yeah, you knew the white men would creep in from Bryan Adams to Vasily Zaytsev and Evan and Jaron (Crazy for This Girl). You would think with all this music, I would be more for my ears than eyes. I’m no one for religion, but I swear I’ve heard God in song. Colorado All-State Treble Choir (Down in the River to Pray). Still, I don’t expect to see him or her anytime soon, for, um reasons…

Baby Doll, you’re like a book. That’s high praise, you know I want to get a tattoo of my dæmon’s name I can read every day. I write books and poetry for a living, amongst other things. So I want to read you Always and Forever. Now I have nothing against Audible these days but actually seeing every line, every curve. I have to see. Still, the two of us here in the dark together. When it comes to you, love, allow me… I want to know what love is; I want you to show me. Through Your Eyes Will

I Will Have No Fear

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