Gospel 169 ~Will’s Christmas List III~

I want to be a business owner someday. I heard someone say stick to a business where people will always need you. So I figured SEX, but I was also thinking of a zombie apocalypse and not COVID-19, though I am enjoying masks. Will’s Christmas List III

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Gospel 169 ~Will’s Christmas List III~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Billionaire right now, which means I can build Paradise. Oh, dare I use words such as Heaven, Elysium, or Eden? Um, a note, I’d love to fuck Faith Seed from Far Cry 5. That’s an interesting story for another time or something to that effect. I hope, hmm. As the song goes, Gee Whiz, It’s Christmas, well, next Friday. Can’t say I’m looking forward to this Friday. The destruction of words Dirty Diana. Let me get this out. Yes, a hated word AHEM “angel.” I hate the word as I hate Hell but aren’t I building that too?

This Christmas, I want a brothel. Like my company, “Second Circle Creations,” I’m thinking of either naming it Eden or The Moondust. My stories involving Cherry all revolve around The Moondust. Named after the beautiful melody by Jaymes Young, sigh. More from the young woman, I watched “strip” somewhat to it. Anna Vlasova, aka Alissa, “Alissa PURE ANGEL.” Still hate using that word, but it beats a few others. I wonder if Alissa ever became a full-blown porn actress. Speaking of which, I’d hire some. I’ve been thinking a lot about Jenna Foxx recently. There’s always Whitney Wright. How about the Holy Grail, that businesswoman from XXX Pawn, “This Is How Women Do Business!” Every man’s fantasy, am I right, from the screen to having her in your bed someday.

Back to my fantasy, which would be less my novel but more “Pure Taboo.” I’m talking anything from young models, cosplayers, women as sexy as MILF Dos. I’m talking the dirtiest, roughest, most wanton and depraved fantasies. Then I want my own movie studio too. Have I lived in the south for too long? I want to do something like that here, but as my Big Sis told me. You can’t build a strip club next to a school or a bunch of bible toting, bullet shooting, bigoted zealots. Alice Little is suing Nevada at the moment. Wanting to fuck her… Did I mention I also desire a strip club and to build a whole resort as well? I swear with enough money, I’d buy an island. Now I’m really dreaming but after today at the Day Job. As I said, outlaw some words and build A Whole New World.

Santa, you would be a VIP, MVP, with SCC. A BROTHEL, Will’s Christmas List III.

I Will Have No Fear

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