Gospel 168 ~Will Finds That Alarming~

Last week was about taking it easy, and I still am, but I want to wake up and actually do something. I mean, besides reading Dani Wyatt (nothing against her). Or clean out my phone, 6000 photos and 98% of them are… Will Finds That Alarming.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Gospel 168 ~Will Finds That Alarming~

Forgive Me Echo,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and the idea of making more money never gets old. If I ever had that much, I would do right by my mom. Happy Birthday, Mom! Not that I’ll ever let her read this, but I will have to text her sometime today. Being Wayward Progeny. Now that would be a cool band name. Good ideas like making money are terrific, yet they don’t keep me awake. So my first sin for today. When I have to go to the Day Job, I set five different alarms. On days like this, I start one, and here we are again, talking late.

Okay, so it’s Ten A.M., but you know our conversation won’t be over by Eleven. No, I’m going to work on something I like, and it’s not writing. Yes, “that thing,” and I’m getting dangerously close to the edge. Let’s say I’m cleaning out my phone. The last time… sigh. Speaking of both good and bad things. Eric Vall’s books keep me awake, but it’s the holidays. Now, as I was waiting for my Dæmon to wake up, I began another Christmas story from Dani Wyatt. Um, There are far too many holidays to make this a big deal. Inspector Echo, I need to stop with certain trigger words. Again there is something else that will wake me up most mornings and keep me going far into the night. One more reason I want to make it my life’s work. I wouldn’t waste a second of getting to live life.

Not in FEAR. There was an upheaval a few days ago. I swear, I thought I had been hacked, but many of the users I saw reported the same thing. Besides the Day Job, my Dæmon’s life, so many secrets, breaking my SIX. Geez, there’s so much, too much FEAR. Hell, just now, I heard a sound downstairs, so I grabbed my “steel” and went to investigate. Every time I even touch that gun, it scares me for three reasons:

  1. I don’t like having it around.
  2. I like the feel of it, and I want more guns.
  3. I’m getting used to it.

Inspector, I did mention my Dæmon a few times today. Any sound he makes immediately gets my attention. I love him like pancakes, always Echo.

Someday my life won’t need alarms. Will Finds That Alarming

I Will Have No Fear

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