Gospel 167 ~It Will Be Christmas~

I took a nap today, “dang” it, but I didn’t dream of Christmas. It was more The Walking Dead: World Beyond, and I don’t remember Christmas Time in any zombie movie… Maybe I Am Legend; it was almost Christmas. It Will Be Christmas, so I want Hallmark

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Gospel 167 ~It Will Be Christmas~

Dear Future Wife,
I AM a Billionaire right now, so I should be able to buy Santa’s Workshop. I’m not trying to be all Jeff Bezos EVIL. Yet here I am. Baby girl, I’m saying that I hate CHRISTMAS. If it’s any consolation, you know that I hate most holidays, even when I can afford them. How’s that for the Christmas spirit? It’s less about Christ and more about Capitalism, or so I was taught. I’m sorry, it’s been a hard day. The idea of a “Biblical Purge,” sigh. Um, I’ve never been one for fake smiles… I love masks. But our holiday will be a freaking Hallmark movie, promise.

I own a piece of them, too, by the way. For everything I do, am I still trying to buy my way into Heaven. My love “without you they’re never gonna let me in” as Nickleback sang. Why yes, I had to bring out a song, and we will have plenty of Christmas playlist tuneage. I’m sure you still haven’t met my “father,” but I will have to ask him how he made those gallon jug lights as Christmas. I want to decorate, and we’ll have the most gigantic tree. I definitely wish for wrapped presents. I suck doing those, but I’m my mother’s son. Speaking of my mother, while she didn’t wrap gifts ever, she could cook up a storm. Creepy thought, but they say guys go for girls that can remind them of dear ole Mom. So you can cook and sing, of course. Sunday brunch, yes, please.

I want tons of pictures. It might explain the business I’m in some. I don’t have one photo of my “family.” So wanting photographs of the family that we have. It’s not a dream, I know, but I want those memories. Those smiling faces, happiness, friendship, of being, sigh loved. Where I once worked, we sold pajama sets for families. It sounds goofy but seeing all of us matching, including our furry dæmon or our dæmons, everyone hugging. Yeah, I won’t say the holidays I once had were all wrong. I’m never going to be a Christian man. There’s tons of debate about AMERICA. Hell, I never had the Christmas I envisioned, yet I still call myself a traditionalist. I once believed in Santa. I wasn’t always the Grinch or a Scrooge, sweet baby doll.

Christmas is about family, so yes, It Will Be Christmas.

I Will Have No Fear

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