Lesson 228 ~Came On The Internet~

What do you say to them, can’t I just nod to whatever because that’s all they want if not a good laugh at my expense, to think when I was a kid, I wanted to be a comedian for quite some time and nobody was laughing at all. “Came On The Internet”

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Lesson 228 ~Came On The Internet~

Forgive Me Echo,
I Am Not Afraid Anymore because my dog won’t embarrass me with his attempts at words; more often than not I find that I envy him. At work, I’ve always wanted to tell people that my dog barks all the time too but at least he’s trying to accomplish something, so what are they doing with their mindless chatter all day anyway.

Not that I could ever imagine to get out anything so eloquent, part of the reason I didn’t call HR back; to think I was all fire and brimstone before. Speech is my sin for today, the fact that I can’t talk to anybody and at the moment I don’t quite want to which is another reason my dog is a great conversationalist. Honestly, I can’t even order hot sauce without humiliating myself which is why I told the guy at Buffalo Wild Wings, “I came on the internet,” I meant my order of course.

Today being Valentine’s Day though I haven’t done that… even spending most of the day in bed, I’ve been recovering. I could say I’ve had worst Valentine’s but this one again in bed, with something I love, if not someone, I have chocolate, and I could go a few rounds with someone… If I wasn’t required to get up and find her and even if I could, what would I possibly have to say? If I could quote my life in three words right; “Don’t Say That” yeah that’s probably going to be a rule that I’ll keep breaking; man has no choice but to sin isn’t that right Echo.

If that is the case then why is everyone else allowed to be stupid and wasteful but I’m expected to shut up or worse, that everything I say is considered a joke. No, I can top that, “family friendly,” “skeevy,” even my name “WILL” when it comes to the bitch that shall not be named. Even today I have to email HR and what am I going to tell them, uh… the truth, which will lead me back to the office and more stupidity honestly.

My dog can’t catch his breath when he’s eating so much, maybe that’s the ticket for me, books don’t work, earphones, and everything else, people always like to talk and are they not entertained? Are you not entertained Inspector Echo, if not I am sorry; if it’s not my words, my spit, some other bodily fluid; came on the internet?

I Will Have No Fear

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