Lesson 230 ~The Anatomy of Hi~

One original sentence, I wonder does that count when you write fiction, how about when every word they want is a lie, or how about when you can’t honestly speak at all or do I just hate people that much. “The Anatomy Of Hi,” sorry I can’t write it ha

Friday, February 16, 2018

Lesson 230 ~The Anatomy of Hi~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I Am Not Afraid Anymore or instead my characters aren’t afraid, you should see how they introduce themselves, and then you’ll know why I’m a writer and live vicariously through them all. It still has to be said though I haven’t been doing any writing recently because I’m busy practicing “Hi” in the mirror and that takes so much out of me on every occasion even when I can’t say it at all, I don’t want to.

Yes I know it sounds like a f*ing excuse, so I’m practicing censorship today; yet for a few minutes, unfortunately, I still remember the b*itch I said goodbye too, the man who said much more than hello and think of the man who should have never spoken. Again my characters don’t say hi, in any traditional sense, to me it invites expectation, but they say “hey” is for horses, and what about Sup, Good Morning, lifting my chin by an inch? Hello gives up the element of surprise, though it might make a lot more sense only that’s the thing, Lady Sophia, my writing never does, and that isn’t a prerequisite to do it, so no more excuses am I right, should I start writing?

If anything I’m falling behind as is between movies and books, The Last Jedi, Fifty Shades Freed, Black Panther, Hostage, and nowadays I’m going to have even more time on my hands. Maybe I’m just upset that my last herculean effort against the bastard I worked for went nowhere and in fact, I wrote an email saying that I won’t be pushing any further. What happened to just writing for me you know, I did finish answering a few text, but that’s par for the course, I guess I shouldn’t knock it though, Fifty Shades started out on the phone.

A phone I never answer because the people on the other end don’t say hi, scammers; what about a woman from one of the “ranches” down Nevada way… yeah, that’s money, but I can respect her at least. My characters introduce themselves with deadly viruses, kidnappings, gunfights, and speaking of which I remember when a gun blast woke people up and now it’s just another day as John Legend would say, “In America, In America, I still can’t breathe in America,” or anywhere just saying.

For now, though I should probably get to writing and worry less about Hi unless my stories suddenly turn normal because who knows what would happen if we all did understand The Anatomy Of Hi.

I Will Have No Fear

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