Log 291 ~Will The Adults Stand~

Well, I’m not standing up for the adults that still read, or at least I didn’t try yesterday. I was much too busy reading my novel and when I could expect my check since I’m not at the Day Job. “Will The Adults Stand” and sit back down

Friday, April 17, 2020

Log 291 ~Will The Adults Stand~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, well at least $1,200 closer. Hell, I’ve gotten out of bed for a lot less, which is pretty sad. I’m right here, doing what I LOVE, and that means being wrapped up in blankets. At this moment, Lady Sophia, I’m planning on how I will waste the day. What’s stopping me right now from getting up and going to work at the dining room table? There’s this old quote I read about standing for something or falling for anything. So it’s in the spirit of that Lady Sophia that I will tell you what I’ll stand for… in a literal sense.

Take last night (It’s Wednesday) right now, but what am I reading? It’s not veterinarian bills; when I heard something fall and I went rushing to my kid. I read his little face every day. Again, right now, I got up and let him outside to pee. Speaking of protection, every morning. I pick up my gun, switch the magazines, and put it back down. I’m still reading up on gun ownership, and even YouTube has taken notice. Owning a weapon isn’t something you can only read and watch, but you have to do. There’s a training center here, and yet I lack the courage to go. I could blame the Coronavirus (COVID-19), but that would be like blaming the Day Job. I did mention I got the stimulus check today (April 15) tax day, of course. Still, I ordered my speedloader from Amazon, and you know I’m not going to Jim ‘N Nick’s after my last two humiliations. I like the fries, though, so…

I need to stand up; otherwise, I’ll lose myself to porn once again. Looking over my notes, it took eleven different things to make me break NO FAP, twelve counting the girl in my novel. The Eve of a Cherry, Lady Sophia that is something I’ll stand for, finishing it. I’m still eating and bathing, taking care of myself the bare minimum, and no, I’m not suicidal. It sucks, but I don’t want to have my ears clogged again for the most part. I might as well enjoy not hearing the humming anymore. To this day, I don’t know the cause or why it stopped. Is there anything else that gets me to stand… boobs?

Politics, Equality, Outage, a new book; Will The Adults Stand.

I Will Have No Fear

Log 284 ~Hand It To Will~

So what of expansion, arsenals, amorous lovers, art of my excuses etc. The novella at this point was 19,000 words but where am I at right now. Is it the eve of the end of the world, still in bed, some story I should be reading. “Hand It To Will”

Friday, April 10, 2020

Log 284 ~Hand It To Will~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and that’s because I keep my hands busy. Now I know I’m still not writing as much as I should. Lady Sophia, there was a time I was heavy into the Young Adult genre. Of course, that changed with Fifty Shades of Grey… 50 Million copies.

Yeah, I’m putting that out there because you know there are people who want to yell like Jay Sherman. It Stinks! Speaking of The Critic, I have added on to The Eve of a Cherry, but like I said, counting up the words that I don’t write. Last night I made it to 100 only to say that I had written something down. I talked about my newest obsession yesterday, and that’s what I was counting up. No more guns yet but plenty of bullets. Don’t get me wrong I’ve been reading up on all the responsibilities of owning a weapon. I’m also still reading Sex Zombies by S. Wolf. We should be so lucky, Lady Sophia, but no, there’s only people getting sick. Is it worse to be ill in body or in mind, I wonder? I feel fine, but it might no longer be the end of the world, not quite yet anyway.

Again I’ve been lost in plenty of pages. It looks like my country is going to get a smidge better or a lot worse now that Bernie Sanders dropped out of the race. You know I’m not one for politics, but I’m not one for people dooming us all either. Between you and me, I want to go back to my story though I was struggling. At least my sex fiends are fiction, but what about the fantasies? It’s things like the state of the world that make me feel as though I’m a great writer. So writing, women, and weapons, and when I’m not working on any of that? Well, I should stop writing about becoming a better father and simply be for My Dæmon. Keeping both of us safe isn’t that what I’m doing, hmm? If I had tentacles, paws, a mace for a hand like Aaron on The Walking Dead. No, I need to count up the excuses and fear to press the right or wrong buttons.

Within these hands, Lady Sophia lies a writer’s strength. The world is yours/mine, Lady Sophia, so Hand It To Will.

I Will Have No Fear

Log 283 ~Will Of The Dead~

It’s the face, isn’t it, when I’m writing out the nice guy routine that works extremely well but then what happens? I’ve always figured I would use the zombie apocalypse to date outside my league but alas no “Walkers.” Will of The Dead

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Log 283 ~Will Of The Dead~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Billionaire right now, so of course, I would make this movie, “Will of the Dead.” Hell, I hunger for brains and flesh too, but of those two, definitely, I’m all for skin. For the record as the song goes, “I, got a fetish for fuckin you witcha skirt on.” Now, Dirty Diana, you have to excuse me for speaking to you at this late hour. It seems I have gained a new fetish of sorts, to quote another song, “Diamonds and Guns, Diamonds and Guns.” Only for me, it’s Boobies and Guns, Boobies and Guns. I’m being serious.

Necrophilia (Noun) ― sexual intercourse with or attraction towards corpses.

Now since I know, I’m not afflicted by that… will we go over my “Red Dawn” fantasy again? Two redheads or any girls at this point come to my place to escape The Purge. We have fun, but I decide I want to watch a Purge, so the two girls fight. What do I do with the loser? Okay, seeing as how I got your attention, I’m still thinking about that Realdoll giveaway I entered. I swear I was ready to grab up a Piper Doll for a little bit. After my story to Earth Erotic sigh, what should I spend my money on? Dirty Diana, this explains where I’ve been. I’ve talked about my new gun all this week, like some NRA cunt nugget. Anyway, I was overcome wanting to look at an AR-15 and a shotgun. A pistol scares the crap out of me, and I want bigger.

I’ll spare you the “Bang, Bang You’re Dead” script before I get to high school. To be fair, any high school teen could beat my novel, which I haven’t worked on all day. It could be having to cut the grass and deal with my Olds. Another excuse would be I regret what I did to Anna Cecilia Fae. Don’t panic! She’s a character in my story, which is looking more like a porno or a snuff film. Out of fifteen female characters, only five are fucking the Grim Reaper so far. Yeah, it’s literally beginning to look like that Hentai “Dark Shell.” If anything, that’s my saving grace. Breaking NO FAP sadly but trading shooting one thing for another. I should try shooting some words on the damn page.

Is that what I want, to keep writing, what is the Will of the Dead.

I Will Have No Fear

Lesson 326 ~Thunder Buddies For Life~

No fire here but warm enough, of course, that’s why I have a smoke detector, not so much for myself but to keep the dog safe but as they say, who watches the watchmen and can blankets be capes? “Thunder Buddies For Life”

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Lesson 326 ~Thunder Buddies For Life~

Forgive Me Echo,
Can You Love Me Again after seeing me afraid, I know I say I Will Have No Fear every day, and then I wake up from that dream, earlier than I want to as I did last night to the sound of my smoke detector. You know when I was a kid I didn’t have a teddy bear, I begged for years for a dog that I could cuddle with, I walked around with a blanket, not like Linus back then I only figured I was cold.

Here I am a grown ass man for all intents and purposes, and maybe I’m making up for lost time, which is today’s sin; when my smoke detector went off (dead battery), the dog and I freaked out. Since I couldn’t get back to sleep with the annoying beep, I had to find a battery and a chair to stand in, and my dog stayed by my side the whole time even barking and growling at the beeping though he couldn’t see it. For the last twenty minutes of sleep, I could get he cuddled closer to my head trying to calm me down as if he could keep me safe from what was bothering me; my one Mean Teddy.

It’s not just his comfort though; I remember when we first moved here I told him we had to take care of each other because it’s only the two of us… and my “father’s” money of course because it’s not like we got any warmth from him. Speaking of which my hoodies, doesn’t matter if it’s too hot or too cold, I’m always wearing one except for showers and bedtime; y one big security blanket, right? Even outside the house, at work, everywhere I go, a hoody or long sleeves, I’m a step away from being Eugene Porter with his Grimbly Gunk, I know it.

Then again like him Inspector Echo I consider myself a coward but what cowards must people be every day that shoot the innocent both people and animals, sacrificing children so they can feel stronger with their guns and the sad thing is I still want a gun myself. We all need that something to make us feel safe at night, whether it’s from burglars, bugs, beeping, what have you and here I have a Chihuahua, a hoody, and some weapons from The Walking Dead honestly.

Can you forgive me Inspector Echo for being afraid of the things that don’t matter, for being a man with no woman in his bed I seek warmth from a pet, some blankets, and fashion choices, for wanting to be like everyone else sorely afraid *sigh* Thunder Buddies For Life?

I Will Have No Fear

Digging Up The Tomb Raider

I suppose anything to get out of America nowadays, and a pretty girl always helps though I doubt she will be anything like Lara Croft but can’t a guy dream, not that this movie will put you to sleep. Digging Up The Tomb Raider, indeed.

Some things are better left buried, and some things are just discoveries and Tomb Raider is a real discovery, or I should say Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft; as I told a friend other than thinking Lara Croft is hot, I can’t say I’ve played a lot of the Tomb Raider Series. Honestly, I like Alicia way more than the Angelina Jolie versions as Alicia’s Lara was to an extent, should I say believable, real, you could feel her character more, a more visceral hero.

Seeing as how they are trying to bring back the franchise, I give them points for their faith in this film, this is more of an origin story of Lara Croft, with throwbacks to how she became the “butt-kicking” hero we know her to be. Tomb Raider being probably the second movie I’ve seen Alicia in, I’m pretty curious to see more of her as she has yet to disappoint; if only the film tried as hard but it’s decent. Daniel Ku with another Into The Badlands alum did their thing, but who watches Into The Badlands, just me, so go and watch this movie.

Pleasing the Fandango gods first let’s now get to the real just like Lara Croft or maybe more like the villain of the movie Walton Goggins as Mathias Vogel, not that this movie made me want to go “home,” though I did look at my watch more than I would like. I didn’t go into this movie with great expectations, give me a pretty girl, a bunch of guns and… hey, I thought this was America; does nobody know Randy from South Park either? I should also say the trailer song “Survivor” filled me with a bit of nostalgia, and how about this “blasphemy,” I like the trailer way more than the original Destiny’s Child.

It sounds like I’m making excuses to why I was interested in this but movies nowadays give away so much in trailers and Tomb Raider didn’t have to do that for obvious reasons being around as long as it has. Though you know what’s coming there are still plenty of twists and turns along the way as there should be, an almost “The Twilight Zone” feeling which also works well.

I don’t remember much from the original franchise but Alicia’s Lara starts as a poor, nowhere near invincible ragamuffin with daddy issues, she’s hot, did I mention she’s hot but not is some overly sexualized type of way, though the story lets us know she’s a “fox.” Even the villains are somewhat on the broke side and working just a bit less industriously than the slaves; I can’t help but wonder though set in London was that a directing choice, familiar looking down on wealth?

Yes I’m trying to stay out of the political realm, so what about the mystical story of Himiko, while that tale made sense, the idea of Lara’s father pursuing it or even Trinity is a bit of a stretch, with his money and their control. Also, Lara taking to the bow so well, yes she’s trained, but while her first kill without it brought forth such emotion, the following battles were a bit empty of such though Daniel Ku brought up a bit of the slack. Which is another thing, again Trinity held so much power but rested on fate to find labor or attempt to uncover the tomb though that would have been too much of a throwback to other versions, attacking the manor?

While Vogel is a decent bad guy, that’s just it; he’s just villain number one, he didn’t seem to have a solid plan which makes Richard Croft ridiculous. The bad guys don’t know so I’m going to set up shop at the front door, just to say you can’t come in. Now while not pivotal plot points, Lara returned to the pawn dealer but what about her training or her other job, yeah she didn’t exactly need it but was the beginning nothing but filler?

Am I asking for this movie to be longer… no way and the fact that it isn’t like any of its predecessors is a high point, only it does seem a bit rushed at times, and there wasn’t enough back story to fill it out. At least it won’t be one of those horrible video game to movie examples, if anything it’s just a blip on the radar, almost as if they were afraid of going too far with it.

Huge risk and high reward but no I believe three stars is quite enough; not a waste of money but if honestly pressed I would have watched Black Panther for the fourth time and as Tomb Raider is concerned, would the 3D version add anything honestly? Now I should probably put up a spoiler warning as if I haven’t given too much away already; everyone already knows where the film is going without any doubt.

There are no real saving graces even if the film was a bit la dee da; nothing stood out on screen for me besides Alicia’s beauty just wow and maybe figuring out one of the puzzles in the tomb. I already mentioned the one song in the trailer but as for the movie itself only Doing Me by RAY BLK is worth writing down. Another female hero for little girls I suppose and no bloody moments though, not entirely kid-friendly, but with the things on TV now I say go ahead and take the kids; I’m the cool dad, but I only have a dog.

My favorite part would be a toss up of when Alicia gets all Lara Croft minus short shorts; she’s wearing pants just saying or the somewhat iconic scene at the end when she indeed becomes; gamers will recognize. The worst was again the overall plan, sort of like Amy ruining Indiana Jones for Sheldon and the boys but tombs got to get raided right? At least they avoided some of the standard tropes like zombies; I swear there was a scene I expected a mess load of zombies, but yeah people can be horrible enough all on their own nowadays.

In all, this is a good movie to go and kill two hours, and I am somewhat disappointed this hero won’t get as recognized as other but I work retail, and they still aren’t giving Black Widow props, but that could be more to do with her weapon of choice. Only Lara has her bow for nearly the whole movie so. Three stars, more than worth a little bit of gas but keep your expectations just so low and like pretty girls and you’ll be Digging Up The Tomb Raider.

Lesson 230 ~The Anatomy of Hi~

One original sentence, I wonder does that count when you write fiction, how about when every word they want is a lie, or how about when you can’t honestly speak at all or do I just hate people that much. “The Anatomy Of Hi,” sorry I can’t write it ha

Friday, February 16, 2018

Lesson 230 ~The Anatomy of Hi~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I Am Not Afraid Anymore or instead my characters aren’t afraid, you should see how they introduce themselves, and then you’ll know why I’m a writer and live vicariously through them all. It still has to be said though I haven’t been doing any writing recently because I’m busy practicing “Hi” in the mirror and that takes so much out of me on every occasion even when I can’t say it at all, I don’t want to.

Yes I know it sounds like a f*ing excuse, so I’m practicing censorship today; yet for a few minutes, unfortunately, I still remember the b*itch I said goodbye too, the man who said much more than hello and think of the man who should have never spoken. Again my characters don’t say hi, in any traditional sense, to me it invites expectation, but they say “hey” is for horses, and what about Sup, Good Morning, lifting my chin by an inch? Hello gives up the element of surprise, though it might make a lot more sense only that’s the thing, Lady Sophia, my writing never does, and that isn’t a prerequisite to do it, so no more excuses am I right, should I start writing?

If anything I’m falling behind as is between movies and books, The Last Jedi, Fifty Shades Freed, Black Panther, Hostage, and nowadays I’m going to have even more time on my hands. Maybe I’m just upset that my last herculean effort against the bastard I worked for went nowhere and in fact, I wrote an email saying that I won’t be pushing any further. What happened to just writing for me you know, I did finish answering a few text, but that’s par for the course, I guess I shouldn’t knock it though, Fifty Shades started out on the phone.

A phone I never answer because the people on the other end don’t say hi, scammers; what about a woman from one of the “ranches” down Nevada way… yeah, that’s money, but I can respect her at least. My characters introduce themselves with deadly viruses, kidnappings, gunfights, and speaking of which I remember when a gun blast woke people up and now it’s just another day as John Legend would say, “In America, In America, I still can’t breathe in America,” or anywhere just saying.

For now, though I should probably get to writing and worry less about Hi unless my stories suddenly turn normal because who knows what would happen if we all did understand The Anatomy Of Hi.

I Will Have No Fear