Lesson 326 ~Thunder Buddies For Life~

No fire here but warm enough, of course, that’s why I have a smoke detector, not so much for myself but to keep the dog safe but as they say, who watches the watchmen and can blankets be capes? “Thunder Buddies For Life”

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Lesson 326 ~Thunder Buddies For Life~

Forgive Me Echo,
Can You Love Me Again after seeing me afraid, I know I say I Will Have No Fear every day, and then I wake up from that dream, earlier than I want to as I did last night to the sound of my smoke detector. You know when I was a kid I didn’t have a teddy bear, I begged for years for a dog that I could cuddle with, I walked around with a blanket, not like Linus back then I only figured I was cold.

Here I am a grown ass man for all intents and purposes, and maybe I’m making up for lost time, which is today’s sin; when my smoke detector went off (dead battery), the dog and I freaked out. Since I couldn’t get back to sleep with the annoying beep, I had to find a battery and a chair to stand in, and my dog stayed by my side the whole time even barking and growling at the beeping though he couldn’t see it. For the last twenty minutes of sleep, I could get he cuddled closer to my head trying to calm me down as if he could keep me safe from what was bothering me; my one Mean Teddy.

It’s not just his comfort though; I remember when we first moved here I told him we had to take care of each other because it’s only the two of us… and my “father’s” money of course because it’s not like we got any warmth from him. Speaking of which my hoodies, doesn’t matter if it’s too hot or too cold, I’m always wearing one except for showers and bedtime; y one big security blanket, right? Even outside the house, at work, everywhere I go, a hoody or long sleeves, I’m a step away from being Eugene Porter with his Grimbly Gunk, I know it.

Then again like him Inspector Echo I consider myself a coward but what cowards must people be every day that shoot the innocent both people and animals, sacrificing children so they can feel stronger with their guns and the sad thing is I still want a gun myself. We all need that something to make us feel safe at night, whether it’s from burglars, bugs, beeping, what have you and here I have a Chihuahua, a hoody, and some weapons from The Walking Dead honestly.

Can you forgive me Inspector Echo for being afraid of the things that don’t matter, for being a man with no woman in his bed I seek warmth from a pet, some blankets, and fashion choices, for wanting to be like everyone else sorely afraid *sigh* Thunder Buddies For Life?

I Will Have No Fear

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