Log 283 ~Will Of The Dead~

It’s the face, isn’t it, when I’m writing out the nice guy routine that works extremely well but then what happens? I’ve always figured I would use the zombie apocalypse to date outside my league but alas no “Walkers.” Will of The Dead

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Log 283 ~Will Of The Dead~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Billionaire right now, so of course, I would make this movie, “Will of the Dead.” Hell, I hunger for brains and flesh too, but of those two, definitely, I’m all for skin. For the record as the song goes, “I, got a fetish for fuckin you witcha skirt on.” Now, Dirty Diana, you have to excuse me for speaking to you at this late hour. It seems I have gained a new fetish of sorts, to quote another song, “Diamonds and Guns, Diamonds and Guns.” Only for me, it’s Boobies and Guns, Boobies and Guns. I’m being serious.

Necrophilia (Noun) ― sexual intercourse with or attraction towards corpses.

Now since I know, I’m not afflicted by that… will we go over my “Red Dawn” fantasy again? Two redheads or any girls at this point come to my place to escape The Purge. We have fun, but I decide I want to watch a Purge, so the two girls fight. What do I do with the loser? Okay, seeing as how I got your attention, I’m still thinking about that Realdoll giveaway I entered. I swear I was ready to grab up a Piper Doll for a little bit. After my story to Earth Erotic sigh, what should I spend my money on? Dirty Diana, this explains where I’ve been. I’ve talked about my new gun all this week, like some NRA cunt nugget. Anyway, I was overcome wanting to look at an AR-15 and a shotgun. A pistol scares the crap out of me, and I want bigger.

I’ll spare you the “Bang, Bang You’re Dead” script before I get to high school. To be fair, any high school teen could beat my novel, which I haven’t worked on all day. It could be having to cut the grass and deal with my Olds. Another excuse would be I regret what I did to Anna Cecilia Fae. Don’t panic! She’s a character in my story, which is looking more like a porno or a snuff film. Out of fifteen female characters, only five are fucking the Grim Reaper so far. Yeah, it’s literally beginning to look like that Hentai “Dark Shell.” If anything, that’s my saving grace. Breaking NO FAP sadly but trading shooting one thing for another. I should try shooting some words on the damn page.

Is that what I want, to keep writing, what is the Will of the Dead.

I Will Have No Fear

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