Log 284 ~Hand It To Will~

So what of expansion, arsenals, amorous lovers, art of my excuses etc. The novella at this point was 19,000 words but where am I at right now. Is it the eve of the end of the world, still in bed, some story I should be reading. “Hand It To Will”

Friday, April 10, 2020

Log 284 ~Hand It To Will~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and that’s because I keep my hands busy. Now I know I’m still not writing as much as I should. Lady Sophia, there was a time I was heavy into the Young Adult genre. Of course, that changed with Fifty Shades of Grey… 50 Million copies.

Yeah, I’m putting that out there because you know there are people who want to yell like Jay Sherman. It Stinks! Speaking of The Critic, I have added on to The Eve of a Cherry, but like I said, counting up the words that I don’t write. Last night I made it to 100 only to say that I had written something down. I talked about my newest obsession yesterday, and that’s what I was counting up. No more guns yet but plenty of bullets. Don’t get me wrong I’ve been reading up on all the responsibilities of owning a weapon. I’m also still reading Sex Zombies by S. Wolf. We should be so lucky, Lady Sophia, but no, there’s only people getting sick. Is it worse to be ill in body or in mind, I wonder? I feel fine, but it might no longer be the end of the world, not quite yet anyway.

Again I’ve been lost in plenty of pages. It looks like my country is going to get a smidge better or a lot worse now that Bernie Sanders dropped out of the race. You know I’m not one for politics, but I’m not one for people dooming us all either. Between you and me, I want to go back to my story though I was struggling. At least my sex fiends are fiction, but what about the fantasies? It’s things like the state of the world that make me feel as though I’m a great writer. So writing, women, and weapons, and when I’m not working on any of that? Well, I should stop writing about becoming a better father and simply be for My Dæmon. Keeping both of us safe isn’t that what I’m doing, hmm? If I had tentacles, paws, a mace for a hand like Aaron on The Walking Dead. No, I need to count up the excuses and fear to press the right or wrong buttons.

Within these hands, Lady Sophia lies a writer’s strength. The world is yours/mine, Lady Sophia, so Hand It To Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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