Log 285 ~Brinks And Will’s Security~

I’m on the brink of losing my mind, between blogging, writing my novel, or a little thing called “The End of the World,” or not. President *Censored* was banking on Easter, literally but nope. Brinks and Will’s Security.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Log 285 ~Brinks And Will’s Security~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Billionaire right now. Well, you would think with that kind of money as the song goes, “I told that muthafucka, I ain’t never scared.” My apologies for the language, but that’s only my self-censorship. Does anybody ever say there’re on the BRINK of something good? It’s like how fortune-tellers only ever give good news. Today this is supposed to be Coronavirus (COVID-19) eve. Now I’m no Christian, but this all won’t be over by Easter I know it. Anyway, I can’t say I’m on the Edge of Glory either.

Most days, Lady Lu, I’m at the cusp of breaking down. Am I going to make another bullshit excuse? Again I’m sorry, but it’s as if I’m worn down no matter how much I sleep. How I kept going for so long is beyond me. Wednesday night, I swore I was going to wake up early, and there I was awake in the dark. I made the conscious decision to fall back asleep and annoy My Dæmon. You would think I would be happier, and he would be as well. I’m still mad about time, and every moment I sit down to write, he wants something. Of course, I’m getting a “release” in the shower. If anything, I’m ticked off for doing so. The thing is, do you remember when I was all about Asian girls? For the longest time, it’s been brunettes and now blondes. I should stop watching Oni Chichi Rebirth. Don’t look that up, Lady Lu, please.

I’m getting more comfortable having my gun around, but it’s dangerous. The last time I spent so much money, it was car repair. Before that, it was women. Regardless it looks like a Blaze of Glory, but I’m always on the verge of something. How about The Eve of a Cherry? I keep saying it, but even if I finish it, what then? I have to work on GULP, and I have all the time in the world, but how many days has it been. What time is it right now? No, it’s not the end of the world Lady Lu? When it’s not my art, what about fun? I have two unfinished games that I have no clue how to play anymore. I’m at the end of Sex Zombies, at the threshold of finishing.

Reasons to live perhaps, but that’s Brinks And Will’s Security.

I Will Have No Fear

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