Log 004 ~Give Me 5000 Will~

How long have I been up in one way or another and by the time I finish this it will be a new day, so why am I still writing, as the song goes the love of the art or my motivations on Discipline, how about I have nowhere else to go. Give Me 5000 Will.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Log 004 ~Give Me 5000 Will~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Millionaire right now, but I still need to hustle. Do you see what time it is but I put down another Five Thousand words today and why? I told myself I was going to and I’m not getting paid anything. Can we not talk about DIMES money or women?

Unfortunately, the list of women I owe apologies to grows ever longer. Audrey, Savannah Chrisley, such and such who got me to start a blog. A cosplayer who is also a cyber playmate, to name only a few. I wonder if I wasn’t writing about sex, would this process be quicker. When I first thought up writing novels, it never took this long. As always Lady Sophia, I am a traditionalist when it comes to NaNoWriMo so Fifty Thousand Words. Can’t say they are worth anything, though, each chapter having a “sex scene.” Comes off as a hastily written wet dream but again what time is it? I was so busy fighting off a certain kind of feels, and then there’s eating. True enough let’s say an NPC decides to taste the Cosplayer rather than only receive a blowjob. With these Chapter Titles, you know:

We Pretend That We’re Lead
Ass The Face Of Pen
A Type Of Unsolicited Dick
The Shades That Paint Her
Shaved Crayon In The Box
The Skin He Lives In

The first five chapters are writing implements. Now the next will be canvases, and five more will be types of writers. Do I dare still call it Erotica or let’s go with only porn? The novel today doesn’t have a real name, but The Faces of Momus is a stand-in for now. I’m sure I told you before, but it’s about a man that has faces carved onto his back. Each carving and tattoo is of one of his victims. It’s starting to sound a bit like Into The Badlands meets Glass. You can also throw in a bit of Sick Fux by Tillie Cole. You know the Hyde Persona. When we last left our “heroes,” Audrey has to convince the cosplayer to have sex with the tattoo artist. Also who the Cosplayer works for is the man that will not die, The Dragon “Prophet.”

I can’t tell you where the story is going; the world has a mind of its own. Characters talk too much; Give Me 5000 Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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