Log 005 ~That’s The Willing Spirit~

As the song goes, something so strong, driving me on, but I’m not the Best of the Best, as one of my motivations goes, I’m driven or perhaps possessed by the spirit of porno, talk about a god I could get behind. “That’s The Willing Spirit.”

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Log 005 ~That’s The Willing Spirit~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Millionaire right now, so it’s crazy I’m still in bed, well this bed. At least it’s not 2 AM, and the loveseat, no not again. Another 5000 words down counting my conversation with you. I don’t know what it’s been about all this week I have been kicking Camp NaNoWriMo’s ass (LANGUAGE) but what about tomorrow? Again these days it has always been 5000 words, and I’m not going to stop now am I? There’s nothing to say about this week other than writing.

Of course, I have to get up and adult at some point like yesterday. Most of the time I am sitting in bed, typing away, is this living the dream. No, the hope is to be doing this on my private beach until my family pulls me away. I got back in touch with M Anime after blowing her off awhile. Don’t even talk to me about my inbox or cleaning the house, though the bathrooms are holding steady. I got over my anxiety enough to try out that new BBQ place, do you remember the old Piggy Potato from Jim ‘N Nick’s? I have a new favorite, but I’m only saying that because I’ll get called out for my “Uncertainty” thank you Hemingway App.

Speaking of which when we last left my runaway story, the cosplayer is in trouble. Why am I even hiding it? Her name is Sabrina Nichole. The Bitch (LANGUAGE) that shall not be named is The Director. I have Court Carmody playing her PA. So I’m back to name dropping, or I’m too tired to hide a perversion here or there. Here’s a strange thought from The Matrix. Naming a blonde, brunette, redhead as characters in my novel, you can call me Cypher ha. I don’t even need constant fireworks to keep me up, two days ago and still going. B III isn’t too happy, but I’m with him on that, fireworks creep me out something awful also. Loud noises but nothing as loud as the voices running around in my head begging to know justice. Even now, I’m not too pleased with my reality.

The Day Job, which is why I am working so hard now, I could afford to take a few days off. I keep saying that don’t I Lady Lu, but there is something stronger? You know That’s The Willing Spirit.

I Will Have No Fear

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