Log 025 ~Out Of Ideas Will~

From fiction to the real world, though I always like to think I’ll be a hell of a survivor in the coming war against the dead, chances are I’ll be a corpse in bed, flipping a coin of what will make me get up, oh wait? Out Of Ideas Will

Friday, July 19, 2019

Log 025 ~Out Of Ideas Will~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Millionaire right now but not if I keep buying naughty coins. Using my money to buy play money; oh the irony. It’s like a writer writing about an author. I get it, but to me, it sounds like cannibalism. My last two stories, one character owned a bookstore. The one I recently finished was somewhat of a firebrand preacher. Wouldn’t you know it I fulfilled that lady preacher’s prophecy that I would somehow be a Reverend? Now I’m not saying I heard the voice of God. Still, orgasms are a divine state of affairs.

Yesterday I told Dirty Diana that I couldn’t take a naked woman only on that fact. It’s why I know Tessa Taylor Bang Bus “Everglades Adventure.” Cassy “Classy Cassy” SBJ or Maggie Green, site: My Friend’s Hot Mom. Before you nail me for being inappropriate, I respect all of the actresses. I even remember Lauren Cohan from TWD as Maggie Greene/Rhee. If anything this makes me better than most Republicans. I acknowledge evidence of wrongdoing. The point is. However, I keep doing it, over and over, twice today. The oldest crimes in the newest ways but that’s Inspector Echo’s call. I wish I could tell you a new story a happier tale. No, if it’s not naked girls, it’s fear. I think that’s it Lady Sophia, sex or hell Fapping makes me fearless. In a world full of mind-numbing terror, but I’ll do it myself.

I worry about my next breakdown when it comes to porn, so I learn to write some. My novels have the main character yours truly, of course. Usually, whoever pissed me off at the moment; at least three stories have the “basic bitch.” There’s a brothel featuring every girl under the sun, Unforgivable sins and tons of blood and/or an orgy. I don’t want to be Taylor Swift, either finding people to make me feel bad. Disney rehashes the same ideas, but like them, I want world domination. Another storyboard trope. Most of all though I want to quit sitting here with a hundred emails to read. Waking up only went I’m horny, hungry or damn near helpless. I want to tell stories of B III having a happy life. Not just guarding me in my depression if that’s what this is, I don’t know.

Help myself right, Lady Sophia but Out Of Ideas Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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