Log 052 ~You’ll Go Blonde Will~

She’s not only a hair color you know, and women change their hair so often, no wonder I have no idea what women are thinking at any given time, but I know I like brunettes not that I have anything against other colors. You’ll Go Blonde Will

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Log 052 ~You’ll Go Blonde Will~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Millionaire right now and trying not to go “blind.” Should I say blonde with Noelle Foley and Savannah Chrisley? You know when it comes to blonde vs. brunette, two sides of the same coin like Vault Girls. Though I have the usual, Whitley Wright, School of Bondage, Of Inner Demons, etc. Anyway, I’m still thinking about my dream from last night. Well that and also going into the stock market. If I went that way, it would be the adult entertainment industry. No I’m not joking Diana.

As with delusions of grandeur, let’s talk about blondes. Is it I think blondes are glamourous? I’m still reading Raphael by Tillie Cole, and he’s a rich killer obsessed with a blonde. Hell Christian Grey only hired blondes because he wanted to fuck brunettes. “Dancing In The Dark” the brothers chose blondes because a woman with dark hair tortured them as kids. MILF Dos was a blonde once upon a time, but I fell on the side of telling her to go dark. In more ways than one right ha. I’ve heard my share of blonde jokes, but I don’t think blondes are any smarter or dumber than any other girl. So what is it? I don’t know. Tomi Lahren and Ivanka Trump are hot as Hell, but I dislike them as people. Like yesterday, though. I can go on the side of Jennifer Lawrence, Chloë Grace Moretz, and Sabrina Nichole. Heaven made flesh; I’m drooling.

Of course, I fell for Jen as Katniss, Chloë should never go full brunette, and Sabrina with purple hair is in my novel. My dream girl at this particular moment umm would be a toss-up. It would be between Alycia Jasmin Debnam-Carey and Haley Alexis Pullos. Now, my favorite pornstar of all time, Mia Rose would play hopscotch between blonde, dirty blonde, brunette, black hair. I know I should see a woman as more than her hair color. You know me, Dirty Diana, again I can never only watch porn. I have to know everything. The first girl I swore I loved was a brunette and every one after. I don’t even know any blondes, well one in everyday life. Not sexy today but again No Fap plus taboo, “Hick” or “Shinobu Misono” as examples.

Now I’m thinking about investing in Pure Taboo, Brazzers, Reality Kings. You’ll Go Blonde Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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