Log 051 ~Will And The T-800~

It’s not often I go into overtime and I could come up with over a dozen reasons for the dream I had last night, hell even more, as the song goes What’s My Age Again, but I don’t want to think about it. Will And The T-800

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Log 051 ~Will And The T-800~

Forgive Me Echo,
I AM A Millionaire right now, but there are still things I won’t tell my Dear Future Wife. As for today’s temptations, Angie Varona; how I like daddy’s girls. School of Bondage, for some reason Cherry reminded me of that with her poem; ahh sadism. Sarah Connor from Terminator but I’m sure you caught that reference. I did listen to my motivations today and did Brainbuddy. Anyway, let’s talk about last night. What about today, the usual, humiliations galore. Hell if something happened to my father, yeah think I’ll shut up now.

Anyway so I had a dream it started with me waking up with Sarah Connor in my lap. Okay typical for me except GASPS a blonde? Um, Jennifer Lawrence, Chloë Grace Moretz, Sabrina Nichole, etc. Well, Sarah says that we need to go and so dressed we take off in this old car. Next thing you know we’re both freezing in ice but still driving until we get to that town from Gremlins. Sorry for not looking up every 80’s reference. It’s Christmas, and we’re hiding from The Terminator. We’re running in the snow while building snowmen and igloos. So the T-800 suddenly sounds like Captain Hook. From Hook talking about flinging daggers at our children’s doors. Now I’m Data from Star Trek: Next Generation and I’m angry, and I come in swinging waking up.

How is this dream even a sin you must ask? Well, I had lots of time to think. I heard this song today that said: “there’s no trust without shame.” So ask me who do I trust? My firstborn of course. Indiana Gone and I watched “Of Inner Demons” once, and even she doesn’t know everything. Cherry who’s twenty-two by the way still has her fascination with the movie Lolita and her fantasies. Okay now that’s out of the way I think this dream was about “THE DAY.” The worst day of my life which is coming up fast. Take, for example, The Terminator which made’s it’s debut in 1984 WTF. Gremlins, a coincidence, the same year, didn’t I say dreams give you messages. Star Trek TNG was 87’ to 94’ my sister would have been one by 1991 which is when Hook came out.

As far as Sarah Connor she’s a blonde who went brunette and then grey and is still in The Terminator franchise. I’m going into overtime Inspector Echo because I am fascinated. The cold could be another sign of age. The snow could be ash. I remember freezing and not seeing much of Sarah though she was around. I’ve always said if I had a terminator and a time machine, I’d go back to THE DAY. I wouldn’t hurt my mother, but as for myself, Terminator 2: Judgment Day 1991. Could this be about my sister?

Her Day is on the 8th. Did mom give birth to a monster or Gremlin? No, I don’t beef with my sister; anymore, I adopted my firstborn because of her. Am I too cold towards my son? I was ready to fight and die to defend him. His age, perhaps, I want my firstborn to have a family, but time is not on his side. The whole dream could be about metal, didn’t I talk about cars a few days ago, hooks, machines, hardness. I’m on No Fap once again. I’m not counting wanting to see Haley Pullos’s boobs or looking up “Of Inner Demons.” No porn for this man Inspector Echo. I’m an old man, a retired model looking to win the war of my future. Am I… Forgive Me; Will And The T-800.

I Will Have No Fear

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