Log 053 ~Black And Blue Will~

For the record, I only go to Walmart because I despise Target, though Target has cuter women and speaking of which “Indiana Gone” is one of my dearest friends and a strong black woman like my mom and sister. “Black And Blue Will.”

Friday, August 23, 2019

Log 053 ~Black And Blue Will~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Millionaire right now but only seeing red. What happened to green, I’ll ask GoDaddy when it comes to my blog? The only company I want to talk about today is Walmart. You want me to comment on your business, do well, and you have a 75% chance. Piss me off (LANGUAGE), and you have a 99.9% probability. Hell, I’m tempted to send this to Walmart. If it only wasn’t for my other temptations this morning. Katelyn May Nacon, Alanna Masterson, Jennifer Lawrence (As Katniss). There’s “Of Inner Demons” too.

Anyway, you know that saying about how mighty the pen is right? Nobody talks about paper ever. I’m sorry I’m not going to talk about the Amazon rainforest burning. It’s even worse I’m about to sound like Trump and whine like a bitch (LANGUAGE). Can I be grateful that I don’t have a massive bruise on my forehead? It’s more my pride that ain’t much. Writing serves as an eraser, for my rage, my pain, all the embarrassment. Yeah, one big edit which explains why writing hurts. I’m still not a masochist though which explains why I usually torture other people writing. Again people neglect thoughts of paper, the eraser, or whiteout. You see Lady Sophia even now, sadist that I am, I’m avoiding talking about inflicting pain. I was supposed to talk about Walmart, black people, and hate, SIGH.

I guess I owe you that much, so long story short. Yesterday at Walmart, I got over my anxiety and reached for a pack of bottled water. So I promptly smash my head against the metal bar. After getting laughed at by two “employees,” I walk away. Five minutes later this black family is laughing at me, so I glare at them as I walk past them. One of them says he’s so ugly. Another says he’s scary. Lady Sophia, I’m an African-American man. Whenever I get to thinking, okay my people aren’t bad, I got yesterday. I hate Trump but my firstborn and I; he hates other dogs. I won’t say I hate anyone; okay, my “father,” “the basic bitch” (WILL, STOP IT). There are reasons I don’t associate with other black people. When did I last dare mention a black chick? Lessons learned, “don’t be brave, have a little common sense.” Black words on paper, far better than a Black And Blue Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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