Log 066 ~Lust This Once Will~

Last week I said, Somebody’s Got To Do It and every day when I’m not living up to my potential well hell, I’ve nearly quit my job a few times this week for people treating me like I’m stupid and I shouldn’t be happy. Lust This Once Will, I wish.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Log 066 ~Lust This Once Will~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Millionaire right now, but Dennis Hof was worth more. I can imagine the stories Jimmy Stephens can tell. Only this week, I began studying Sean Weathers. They’re B-Movies; lacking funding but quite fascinating.

I’m somewhat uneasy mentioning these gentlemen. That alone might suggest this line of work isn’t for me in some way. However, much like my writing, though it’s something that has never left my mind. In a way it’s like people and religion. My steadfast belief in the zombie apocalypse. What about that dream where my mom was ashamed of what I do. It’s one of the reasons I’ve been studying. Hell, I wanted to be a YouTube reactor once. Tell me how to do that on-screen screen action I mean everyone does that. It’s a man’s purpose to talk a woman out of her clothes, procreation and such. I’ve done it before with my poetry though I didn’t reap the benefits. I’ve paid to get it done but no sex; talk about self-control though “Okay” might disagree. Now what Diana?

Dennis Hof wrote about taking girls on dates. Only he wasn’t the boyfriend. Bad boys would pay him to fool the parents, and all he need do is deliver the girl for the real dater. Doesn’t that sound evil but I’ve sounded like that all day. Today is Wednesday. I also read that Jimmy Stephens is getting back into the business. Now you know I can do that on Pinterest. I got nailed for one of my boards a year or so ago with “clothed” adult actresses. One of my “hottest” boards though it’s strange. Lastly, Sean Weathers; now let’s say his movies pan out at $3,000 to $5,000 a pop? I’m not that brutal, yeah says the man who tried to talk two redheads into a Purge/The Corpse of Anna Fritz mash-up. I only got a thousand and a publishing contract that’s gathering dust.

Yeah, I could be working on my book, but I’m talking to you a day early. Instead I have research, how much actresses cost, equipment, and video release forms. Doesn’t sound sexy today but it beats the organization skills of the Day Job. Also I’m still keeping it in my pants. Thursday I will be much too tired and humiliated. What happened to positivity, my Day Job, that’s what. Be happy, Lust This Once Will

I Will Have No Fear

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