Log 065 ~Get Off Will’s Lawn~

I suppose I should feel blessed. My “father” offered to pay if I find somebody to cut the lawn. I had a maid too once upon a time, and I’m looking for a new one. All Hell am I lazy or getting older. “Get Off Will’s Lawn”

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Log 065 ~Get Off Will’s Lawn~

Forgive Me Echo,
I AM A Millionaire right now; only I lack a “green” thumb in other areas. The front yard is a mess. My firstborn is giving me looks about the backyard. Hell Inspector Echo, he’s an old man like me these days. Shouldn’t I show gratitude for being this old and having a yard to complain about anyway?

Yes, that comes from one of my motivations; start the day with gratitude. I start my day off with temptations, those two being today Tifa Lockhart and MILF Dos. I should also add Tessa Fowler to the mix. Seriously a fake FB profile of “Amanda Casanova.” Somebody knows my type of woman well That’s What I Like. Now Money, That’s What I Want. I apologize for all the musical references, hell I’m still paying for Spotify. Yesterday though after getting my kid’s vitamins and treats, I couldn’t resist McDonald’s. Add my desire for fast food to that of boobs. Oh you know we’re going to get into that today and tomorrow. If you need something more wholesome though, there’s my firstborn. I sat outside the other day while he played because there were too many kids around. I was almost the old man yelling get off my lawn; time Echo.

In my mirror, I see it every day; my face is growing gray. Do I want to tell you how old I am? You know I nearly forgot about “The Day.” I should have put it in my Six Impossible Things. There are no plans for surviving one more when I should have been dead years ago. Now I’m not suicidal, but I am horny as Hell. Talk about get off my lawn; it’s a struggle resisting the call. Meaning hand in my pants; NO FAP sucks, and yesterday and even now is crazy. These past dark days have been all about sex work. Isn’t that the dream job and I won’t apologize for that. Since I couldn’t stocks and bonds, I’ve been studying up on the business. If not research then I’m still reading Beautiful Tears, I’m still ahead some. I want to write erotica, but again you know my vision extends far beyond.

Sean Weathers, for example, I don’t know what I felt when I discovered him. Whitney Wright who is also a favorite is moving behind the camera some. I’m sorry it’s taking so long; so much yelling Get Off Will’s Lawn.

I Will Have No Fear

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