Log 064 ~So What’s Poppin’ Will~

Snap, Crackle, and Pop, I’m not one for Rice Krispies, though I do like the treats, I’m one for quiet unless I’m working on something I love and no I hate my current day job but one day life will be Poppin’. So What’s Poppin’ Will

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Log 064 ~So What’s Poppin’ Will~

Dear Future Wife,
I AM a Millionaire right now, but way back then it was popcorn. Strange that when I went to the movies alone, I never bought it a whole lot. Sometimes I got it for “free” with all my Regal movie points. “THEY,” say that the movies are never a good first date option. You want to know a person, look at how they react to specific films. Is that why I’m talking to you today, Tuesday is our usual. Well, surprise though I don’t mainly take to them. Unless you were talking about a surprise party or new addition, four legs, two?

I don’t pop up for most horror movies. If you want to know what scares me; what pops up in my selections. You might be the second woman in my life that hasn’t run away. Of course, you could deal with Star Wars, Young Adult adaptations, zombies. Then there’s the business and my love for B movies some Sci-Fi. I have two words for you; um nevermind. What about what you find on the bookshelf? Yeah, I had to build a library for us. I will always remain that father who reads to his kids. Again though the business, how I started out writing. If my hands aren’t on the keys or the pen, then what about my snacking habits. I’m like Morgan from TWD and FTWD; I don’t die. You know I eat healthy like Braves Peanuts. Still, I have lived off popcorn at home and sour gummies. There’s the occasional chocolate when my firstborn is with his siblings.

From pops, you might not like to mine. Fireworks for example and I don’t know why. Even before my firstborn; July 4th while respected is not a favorite. Any other night I want to look at the stars with you. I’ll look for aliens but you the fireworks for V For Vendetta. Of course, I’m a Pop Culture “enthusiast” but Are You The One on MTV, please. Reality TV short of wrestling. Yeah, remind me to record them. Now Game of Thrones and The Handmaid’s Tale, wow. Perhaps this will be another surprising moment. I want to go to the coast, but I can’t swim. Other than a hot shower or bath, water is not for me. Still, even at my age everything I am snap, crackles and pops for you, So What’s Poppin’ Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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