Log 074 ~Will’s Hood Has Ideas~

Pop the hood, hell it’s too hot as is and I’m not talking about my car; well let’s say today is a beautiful day to stay indoors despite the sunshine day and as long as I’m removing clothes if I had a model. “Will’s Hood Has Ideas”

Friday, September 13, 2019

Log 074 ~Will’s Hood Has Ideas~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Millionaire right now and have even more ideas. Now which one of them is going to net me that million. I was ready to invest $5.00 more in my new business. Oh my writing, more like getting girls to take their clothes off. Hell one woman I got to do that started a business of her own. The eye doctor didn’t notice any change in my eyesight as I recall. So I’m ready and waiting as far as writing and women which brings me to you today. I’m still playing time traveler as today is Thursday. A man has to eat, so how do I get that done hmm?

As I said ideas for my book, I started off thinking thirteen faces. At least that’s what I told Indiana Gone, and I hate lying. The thing is I don’t know if I’m lying or not. It’s a good idea but getting five women to make an Ahegao face for the cover of my book? A real visceral experience and two birds, one stone. You know I hate that saying that a picture is worth such and such more than words. If I have learned anything a week after “THE Day,” sex sells. Of course, I’ve always known that Lady Soph. Morgan is still trying to sell those headphones of hers. A few nude pictures she would have all the money with change. Please don’t make me go into how much I do respect women. People pay to go to museums and admire art. The same will go to a strip club. What’s the purpose of the internet once again?

So my ideas, finding four or five girls to do an Ahegao face in person for the cover. Of course, I’m a greedy S.O.B so have them here to model, beauty equals profit. With that, I was down the rabbit hole, looking into modeling, adult entertainment, etc. Anyway, people say they give blood, sweat, and tears, to their passions. Water is the element that brings life. Do I need to tell you what other fluid does the same? Five fluids and five women though I can shorten it to four. Finally, there’s that Ad that I keep writing and rewriting. I swear Lady Sophia if it was for my book. There’s also my modeling agenda and doing the finances. Today friend, Will’s Hood Has Ideas.

I Will Have No Fear

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