Log 073 ~Ahegao If You Will~

The only O Face I’ve made in weeks is Oh My Sweet Buttery Jesus. I should make gaming videos like TheRadBrad but as far as neglecting things I haven’t played Heavy Rain in a while, working on my life’s purpose. Ahegao If You Will

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Log 073 ~Ahegao If You Will~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Millionaire right now and on the grind. Yes, that made me want to laugh too, but I’m interested in another face. Is it a smile? Well, I did find my Fidget Cube or sooner had it returned; it was sitting on my locker at the Day Job. As far as work goes, this is endgame. The theme this week, writing and women, which is plenty of work. Speaking of which, listening to Spotify, I found that Jennifer Love Hewitt song “It’s Good to Know I’m Alive.” Adding to my, well not temptation but Vicki Vallencourt from “The Waterboy.”

Now I always say that dreams are messages. Last night with my porn studies; Dirty Diana, I am studying the legality of creating adult movies. Anyway, it’s hard work, dirty work, okay I’m trying to stop. How do my motivations say, when you do what you love, right? Only remember I was studying Sin Stocks last week? Finding out anything about the adult entertainment industry has complications. There’s no plan other than finding a good lawyer, and Legalzoom wants $216 for a business advisory plan. Add them and Wendy’s to Ruby Tuesday; businesses I hate. So now I’m making a mad face but where’s the gratitude? I’m not lying in bed, I didn’t get fired from one job, and I’m working on my life’s purpose.

I still hate smiling, though, which leads me to another face, “Ahegao.” When I was young SIGH, I moved up another age bracket. Now Ahegao means panting or moaning face. Dirty Diana, that’s perfect for my book “GULP.” I should talk to Lady Sophia about that but when my worlds of sex and writing collide? Even this morning on top of everything else I was looking at how to get File Upload Forms. I also watched a video on release forms. Would I do such a thing if I was some horny fuckboy? You know I have more porn than I know what to do with and I stole around 95% of my collection. Getting girls to take off their clothes hell, I’ve done that so it’s possible. I sound like Les Brown. It’s Possible. Why is it so difficult to learn though and why not try something more conventional?

Again it’s good to know that I’m alive. Nothing does it like an “O Face” or Ahegao If You Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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