Log 072 ~Will’s Pretty A Mused~

The two things I sit down at my computer for, writing and women; whatever happened to my dreams of world domination I ask you but wouldn’t that be a major sin on top of everything else? “Will’s Pretty A Mused.”

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Log 072 ~Will’s Pretty A Mused~

Forgive Me Echo,
I AM A Millionaire right now; if only I had been a better man. On 2001 today I was sitting in my senior English class when my country suffered a terrorist attack. Hell I was in the Navy for a few weeks but not because of 9/11. If I had the cash would I have helped? I nearly failed that class Inspector Echo. So what have I been studying this week? Last week it was Sin Stocks and Sean Weathers. For the past few days it’s been Ads, Lighting Fixtures, and prices for actresses here and there.

I swear Inspector Echo I rise for three reasons. If my firstborn needs me for anything, his life is my number one priority. I bragged about him to my sister on her birthday. Of course it’s right after my “DAY.” Did I mention that Ruby Tuesday still sucks? Unlike my taste in women right? I haven’t been referring to temptations these days because real life has been; well I don’t know. I was excited after I got that message yesterday; now she was beautiful. The second one I got today, as the song goes I’m a ladies’ man a businessman. Now that brings me to what I did by placing that Ad for my book. So my other two reasons for being, writing, and sex. Well not sex I’m not STUPID though fear has screwed with my judgment. MILF Dos is starting a business so why not me, especially now.

The Day Job has me terrified enough. I also have the fear that the police are going to show up any minute. Remember, I got arrested at my punishment school? High school fun right Inspector? The cops did show up maybe a month or so ago at the Day Job. Somebody pushed the wrong button. Now isn’t that a sin, my guilt complex? More like all I do these days is pushing the wrong button. I’m trying to stay a day ahead, but I killed a few hours on my Ad. The moment I go looking for models somebody comes with more wit and money. Brevity as THEY say, but I’m pretty wordy. At least that wind, those breaths aren’t over my pillow, I’m “working.” Yeah, looking up Amazon and how to do File Upload forms right here Inspector Echo.

I apologize for saying no at the Day Job but now Will’s Pretty A Mused.

I Will Have No Fear

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