Log 071 ~When Will Got Lit~

When you’re running for your life, drinking falls to the wayside, though I was high for obvious reasons in school; nothing has got me going more than love and where is the rehab to that? When Will Got Lit, Edward Cullen, a girl is my brand of heroin.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Log 071 ~When Will Got Lit~

Dear Future Wife,
I AM a Millionaire right now, and still not much of a drinker. Yes, I am a rich man, “Yubby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dum.” Can’t say I’ve ever seen Fiddler On The Roof all the way. Speaking of my weirdness, why do we own a wine cellar again and wow a vineyard? I’m a little Drunk On You; okay, I’ll stop, but my point is you want to know what lights me up? Of course, you’ve always known. One morning I’m getting up and about to fall back asleep and bam, like thunder, lightning.

Things I love more than pop culture references? My firstborn, of course, but he would wait forever. Our other children but I’m not one for weekend sports. I suppose I get it, why so many fans drink. If they do play a game though I hope it’s track. Anyway, again, the concept is I want them to be passionate about something in life. I got a refresher of that today. I remember when email was all the rage? So I’m falling asleep, and I get this message, and it reminds me of you. Now all I need do is look behind me, but the last thing on my mind would be working. The idea is I thought of those times I would get your messages. When my first book started selling, and I sat there like Forrest Gump watching the numbers. We don’t have to worry about money no more.

I was high when I first started my business which was more than writing. You know that quote from Marilyn Monroe about making a girl laugh? I might sound like a greedy so and so, but I get mesmerized by bullion. The green of dollars puts a smile on my face. Do you want to place a bigger smile on my face? It was living my dream. For years it was the same, sitting at the beach typing up a storm, watching you and the children play. You’re the only thing that can pull me away from my work. Lastly, it was the day that we became one. On that day, when you said, “I do,” love is a hell of a drug baby girl. I sound like a zombie focused on my phone or your body, my beautiful wife. My motivations today said stay hungry but looking at you, that’s When Will Got Lit.

I Will Have No Fear

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