Log 136 ~Will Is Getting Lapped~

One more week of “Yabbos,” but it’s November, and this isn’t Hocus Pocus or “American Beauty” but yeah let’s move onto butt stuff, well at least holding onto one, or sitting here until mine falls off but that butt she got? Will Is Getting Lapped

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Log 136 ~Will Is Getting Lapped~


Come In Dirty Diana
I AM a Billionaire right now, so why am I still up? If you listened to any of my motivations, they say the wealthy rise earlier and go down later. Does that hint at some dirt, or is it me, hmm? I don’t feel that way right now, but considering No Nut November and my shower routine? Sir Mix-a-Lot is famous for saying, “I like big butts, and I cannot lie.” You know me, I am forever a breast man, which is why the majority of my fantasies have been Cowgirl based, or am I lazy?

Now can you blame me, Dirty Diana, for wanting to sit on my ass and let somebody else do the work? Hell, this week alone, I’ve lost two days off and am still keeping up with NaNoWriMo. Call me Captain America because between work and sitting on it, I got America’s Ass. Yeah, I can be as positive as I want to be; I still can’t share this conversation. “Okay,” told me once that her favorite position was fucking in someone’s lap. I’m not gonna lie. I wanted her in the center of my bed like that. Here I am still wondering why she doesn’t want to be my friend anymore. Santa’s lap is acceptable, but I want a grown woman in mine, and I’m skeevy. Am I too honest tonight, well check the time, and I also finished 1300 words before all this? Once again, I have to control myself and tell you my “tamer,” fantasies, with those others…

First, without a doubt, there’s Sawa from Kite: Director’s Cut. One scene in particular when she slides onto Akai on his lap. I might as well go for that whole genre from Yellow Star to Mezzo Forte. When I first got into Hentai, I thought Natsuno from Desert Island Story X was it for me, Dirty Diana. See, I have to stop myself because I could carve through that whole genre. I don’t know what it is about holding onto a girl’s ass as she bounces or when she holds onto your knees, leaning back. I do need to get some sleep, but of course, in the morning, what I need to wake up somehow. Something had to give, no question. NaNoWriMo demands it always.

I spend most of my days running, so when I sit, Will Is Getting Lapped.

I Will Have No Fear

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