Log 137 ~Will “Byes” A Day~

Eric Thomas would say, “you owe you an explanation” and here it is, I got twenty-four hours, and I chose to sleep the day away and not take, hell I could even complain about the job on my kid’s nails. “Will “Byes” A Day”

Friday, November 15, 2019

Log 137 ~Will “Byes” A Day~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and to stay that way, I have to keep on my grind every day. So I ask myself today, what happened, Will? Let’s start with last night. I had finished speaking with you know who and suddenly I couldn’t post anything. I’m beginning to dislike my ISP. You can tell Lady Sophia that I’m attempting to keep myself in check for a variety of reasons. I only got around two hours of sleep last night as I wanted to figure out what the problem was and get it repaired. Didn’t I say I have the patience of a saint somewhere, Sophia?

Anyway, I go to the Day Job and guess what, the day off was back on, their fault not mine. I’m ready to attack the day; only there’s no fight, so I come back. One hour later, I’m back in bed asleep with My Dæmon, who is so confused. I am too honestly considering he was to get a nail grind, and I saw his nails afterward. Shouldn’t I be writing a review of PetSmart? I could have taken My Dæmon elsewhere, but I was looking for easy street. I couldn’t even be bothered to write my 5,000 words today because I was conked out. Hell, I have forgotten to read up on; how to jump-start a car battery SIGH. What about texting M Anime I could have at least gotten that done today? Lastly, I signed over my child for “spa treatment.” Well, at least his head isn’t messed up from whatever he was doing outside at some point.

When I was at the Day Job, what did I tell them, “bye” as soon as the opportunity arose? I said goodbye to the sun as soon as it met the sky, and of course, My Dæmon had his walk. There was a see you later to any common sense when my head hit the pillow. I am grateful, though. Everything began working again. Well, not me, I mean, at least I’m not in bed tonight, typing away. There are even more positive vibes because I can post this on Facebook. Of course, I can’t tell you the mailing list I signed up for, though. Will tomorrow be any better Lady Sophia, I have plenty of writing to do tonight.

What’s a decent night’s sleep cost; Will “Byes” A Day.

I Will Have No Fear

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