Log 138 ~Will Crosses The Streams~

There was a song that said if I could save time in a bottle, well I’d be wasting it anyway like this morning; I had two days, that could be well over 9000 thousand words for NaNoWriMo, trying to stay above the line. Will Crosses The Streams

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Log 138 ~Will Crosses The Streams~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Billionaire right now, so why not invest in Disney+, Apple TV, HBO, Netflix, etc.

If I did, I would still spend the whole morning sleeping the day away. Can I stay positive, if just for one day? Well, what have I accomplished, only walking My Dæmon? I got something in my stomach, Nachos with Queso, the breakfast of champions?

I’m not going to lie; it’s as if I’m in Death’s flow of the river like Sabriel. How I miss reading, and of course, my writing is suffering for it, Lady Lu. Connecting characters from Apocalypse Rush and The “Wrist” Of Playing Chrono. It’s like the original Star Wars trilogy with no mention of the Sith, and then oh, that’s what you call the Dark Side. Well, it’s not all bad if I can compare my piece of work to such classics. I could be crossing the line though between genius and insanity. If anything, I need to cross the line, the threshold of the bedroom door. What about a path of consciousness from between my lips? At the Day Job, I keep telling myself that a manager here or there, an employee, do cross bounds. I can’t even tell you about that right now, and why is that Lu.

“Family-Friendly,” “Decency,” and I’m starting to hate the term “Snowflake.” Of course, with my car freezing over every day, that has other connotations. How about the fact that I’m hot and cold at the same time? Wasn’t that clunky to say, but that’s the thing, everybody telling me how to write or what. Even my book characters are being quite disagreeable. I’m ready to throw my hands up, but I’m past the point of no return. I never got that phrase until I was traveling, and I haven’t been on the highway since. Could that explain how I’m feeling now, going with the flow, but I’m underwater, again like the title Sabriel. Between talking to you, I’m trying to knock out some emails, and every time the next one comes, I have to stop writing.

Wanting to write and at the same time, caught up in everything else, and I’m still sitting in bed. I’ll move when I get to a thousand words, and of course, I can’t focus on one task at a time, not me. NaNoWriMo demands The “Wrist” of Playing Chrono, not much time. Four thousand six hundred more words today, Lady Lu, Will Crosses The Streams.

I Will Have No Fear

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