Log 200 ~Will On The Eyes~

If I wanted a vision board, I need only look at my Pinterest subjects, or imagine how much cash it will take for me to start talking to the Man in the Mirror, and to a bunch of NPCs, I Am Legend. “Will On The Eyes.”

Friday, January 17, 2020

Log 200 ~Will On The Eyes~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, so everything I see is green, short of jealousy. When I have that kind of money, to be honest, I’ll still want more. Today though, as Faith would have it, I want to tell you a different story. The one I wished to spin you, vanished when I opened my eyes after a long nap. Here’s a random thought, you know “THEY” say a specific “ACTIVITY” will make you go blind. Fighting against my addiction takes a lot out of me as well. At least I didn’t give up. Only it was tight, almost three weeks.

Speaking of things I needed to look up, Jacob’s Mountain Armed Convoy. After I watched them go down, I looked further and found Faith’s River Armed Convoy. Next came the destruction of Joseph’s statue, and heaving his and Faith’s book off the top of it. Oh, and one more death. I’m so busy writing stories out of bullets that I haven’t seen, A Naughty Little Christmas, for a few days. It’s so hard deciding whether I’m being down on myself or stating the facts. It’s true, but if I must justify it with something good, my motion sickness isn’t stopping me. I’m also writing from bed because something the neighbors have is emitting a hum through the wall. As I said, though, I had a good nap along with my furry and healthy dæmon son.

Well, that’s what the vet tells me though he didn’t much care for those three shots they gave him. I let them write a bill for $150.00 that I signed without question. Better a doctor, than some little monkey god; is that racist, more Far Cry 5 from Hurk. The things people write and then you have to read between the lines. The president is one for the blind, except in his hotels. Blind loyalty, followers, and isn’t justice blind? Okay so that is a bit too deep for today, didn’t I want to tell you a story. I’m not censoring myself, but I have to stay on the up and up. Not only with being positive, but you know how people are in this world. I can’t tell you about how I saw some blonde cheerleader and had to leap from bed before something?

Looking into the mirror, then at Cherry, then to the floor, Will On The Eyes.

I Will Have No Fear

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