Log 206 ~Hole Lotta Worries Will~

Why should I worry, I use protection and this week I can confirm there haven’t been any visitors but then again “my” life being my life and I’m still trying to be in control at some point. “Hole Lotta Worries Will.”

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Log 206 ~Hole Lotta Worries Will~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and you’re not Inspector Echo. Today is Tuesday, not Thursday. Let’s not forget, I’ve been Fappening, true story. Three holes imagined and a fourth if you consider I like fucking titties. Now that’s pretty direct, considering I’m not in a sexy mood at the moment.

Now I started today with plans for so many things. I want to talk about this fantasy I keep returning to, “Gangbanging, Gorgeous, (what’s her name).” You know I’m usually one that has a problem with sharing, it’s why I envy tentacles. Still thinking about one guy on her ass, her lover between her lips and me beneath her (cue Homer drool). Memories of Reika Kitami “Bible Black Origins” or Miku “The Blackmail 2 – The Animation.” Hell, I barely made it out of the shower, and even then, there was a girl with the bounciest ass. Somehow I kept my word to myself then, but why am I talking to you this evening for other than time-travel. I was talking to a good friend this morning from across the pond and a potential model.

I wish begging was the worst of my sins today, Dirty Diana. Should I be more ashamed of what I have said here? You can see why I had to let loose. I couldn’t stand thinking anymore. I’m a dominant because I have to remain in control. So far, I feel like I’m losing it, and I wanted not to think. Sex is primal, and I needed that more than reason this afternoon to be sure. Well, it started this morning and how I have tried not to worry. Even now, I’m fighting back FEAR.

What three holes got me feeling a certain way today, hmm? Haven’t I said, “Just the facts, ma’am?” Well, I had a good run, 21 days SIGH a habit of thinking positive, and I need to more than ever. Now that’s one. Two is I received a notice from my security about my number, that’s never happened before. Three, my Old Man is coming to visit in the morning. Of course, there is always a fourth; I’m now looking at my phone as my worst nightmare again. After all the drooling I’ve done over M Anime and Cherry, what the hell. Can’t blame me for dreaming some pretty little hole, but Hole Lotta Worries Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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