Log 207 ~Run Boy Run, Will~

If you’re looking back, you’re not focusing on what’s in front of you, that would be a vibrating wall, violent memories of a father, very creepy messages from my internet security, no wonder I sleep but still I know. Run Boy Run, Will?

Friday, January 24, 2020

Log 207 ~Run Boy Run, Will~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, as $375.00 is nothing. Well, that’s what I keep telling myself. The humming is nothing, the horniness, the hours spent doing, well, you guessed it, Lady Sophia. If I don’t mention it enough, I’m a time-traveler. Today is Wednesday, and I don’t even remember what I’m going to post today. There’s the adrenaline that comes from FEAR of my father. What about the aching that has gone away if you know what I’m saying, right? There is also the attitude that I thought I left behind in 2019, not so much.

So what is today’s story? I couldn’t possibly be talking about Naughty Little Christmas by Lili Valente. I haven’t gone near that book in weeks, so why do I pick up my iPad? The FEAR from yesterday hasn’t gone away. If anything, I should change my name to Sinestro. I’m fighting FEAR with Fear; Norton is scaring me to death, and so I focus on the humming in the walls. I’m almost used; I’ve nearly grown to; it’s becoming normal. Yeah, Grammarly is going to have a field day with that sentence. I only wanted to show that I can’t even be me anymore without a bunch of rules. I have to stay positive with everything Indiana Gone is going through. It’s wrong to talk to Cherry any particular way. M Anime is dealing with everything. A blessing somewhat I don’t speak to Okay anymore.

I’m losing myself to their stories. Now add the fact that somebody is out there trying to steal my story, my life. How I’m “running” around, but why do I spend all my time in bed. Lady Sophia, there is no place I want to be, and so you say that’s the exact point of books. As I tell M Anime all the time, it’s a vicious circle. I exist to keep existing. My motivations would say the reason for life is to be happy. What about How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie? He says to imagine the worst-case scenario, accept it, and move on from there. I lose everything my money, my models/mistresses/many “girlfriends,” my mom, and my mutt. No offense to my son, but I’m one for alliteration as always. Anyway, I’d forfeit the life I’m sitting here complaining about this very moment Sophia.

Gulp, Run Boy Run, Will.

I Will Have No FEAR

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