Log 220 ~Will Rides The Three-Way~

Didn’t someone say that three is a crowd, and I know someone who wouldn’t be willing to part with their bed spot if Daddy decided to have some company or even more than my video camera? Will Rides The Three-Way

Thursday, February 6. 2020

Log 220 ~Will Rides The Three-Way~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Billionaire right now, so that’s far more than two girls at the same time. Hell, I’ve made it no secret that I want to have a brothel, several, I want to be the next Dennis Hof. Since I haven’t been reading much these days, well, I did finish one of my Six Impossible Things. Anyway, I’ve been listening to The Art of the Pimp again on Audible, trying to get inspired. It helps to get through the Day Job, not playing Far Cry 5 or reading, and the humming. The last thing I’ll say about that is I believe I have found the cause, now for the cure?

Before that, though, haven’t I said I’m a selfish bastard when it comes to money? Well, not when it comes to porn, and of course, I’m still basking in my recent purchase. Talk about making it rain, but always some girls would rather stay dry. How many times do I have to say stop? I’m only four days into NO FAP. I want to keep clean, but so many beautiful girls I become ravenous. Do you remember when I had that “Red Dawn” fantasy of Alice Little and Ruby Rae? Of course, I don’t have that much paper but thirty bucks what does that do for anything. I’m still in the shower imagining a mother and daughter combo. That is pretty tame considering what I bought. I’m again on the fence about sharing a woman. Two fighting for my cock, though, I swear that’s enough.

So much for being a man of my word because there is no such thing as enough, I want more. I’m talking Shusaku Replay appetite, desires that make some of Studio Fow’s work look holy. Even in the spirit of this, I looked at one of my Pinterest boards and saw the followers list up. Seeing that, I did another gallery starring twins. Don’t even get me started on another set of twins, well okay boobs. I was ready to give in to temptation; again, what I said to Cherry? I’m so out of it, I keep thinking today is Wednesday, me and my numbers. Four boobs and no one I have to share with, right? Two boobs and a young woman gangbanged by three dicks, not vanilla, Dirty Diana.

I’m better off getting up. Instead, Will Rides The Three-Way.

I Will Have No Fear

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