Log 234 ~Enough Will To Love~

The lesser of two evils and no good to be shown, though to some marriage and a “vanilla” lifestyle is enough, but what is it that I want in the end, well is there even a finale to be seen ever? “Enough Will To Love”

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Log 234 ~Enough Will To Love~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and if I haven’t said it before, “two girls at the same time.” Now I wouldn’t need a billion for that and maybe not even a million, but it’s still on my to-do list. What guy doesn’t want to do two girls, minus the gay ones? Anyway, if it isn’t two girls, it’s the fact that I can’t keep my mind on any one kink or fetish. Do you remember my “Red Dawn” Fantasy? Virgin Killer Sweaters meet The Purge. Hell, even the Day Job isn’t helping, I go from American Teen Lily Carter to Fake Driving School Estella Bathory.

I work with what I have Dirty Diana, retail, and driving. If today weren’t about sex, though, I would be in bed. My bed’s not big enough and while I enjoy BBW’s no doubt. A “Skinny Minnie,” as Cherry calls them and a BBW, well, that’s a thought. In one of my novels, the Male Protagonist has his way with a mother and her daughter. If he doesn’t, I’m writing it in there because I imagined Haley Pullos. Fucking an older and younger woman, now that would be something. A mother and daughter, what about sisters? I’ve had a thing for Mia Rose forever and her sister Ava. Talk to me about twins Dirty Diana. Is there any wonder I wanted Alice Little and Ruby Rae, not twins but two redheads? You want to know what’s worrisome, the two girls fight, and the Necro concept.

Didn’t I speak a few days ago about the taboo? What do you get when you take girls like Little Lupe and the end of the world? One of my favorite anime series, that’s what. I paid $20.00 and will probably shell out more when the time comes. Now, this might sound quite common but “Public Sex,” which in turn goes back into clothes. I swear, will I ever get black pantyhose off my mind? How many times have I mentioned Fechikano these days, along with humming and violence? I say I want to hit somebody I’m wrong, I want to fuck, it’s the same thing. People want to like an inch of me, and it’s that damn inch I hate about myself. I want someone, someones to desire me, love me, in my totality, or I’m a greedy S.O.B.

I’m rough, I fuck hard but Enough Will To Love?

I Will Have No Fear

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