Log 233 ~Friend Like Me, Will~

I can’t say that I have many friends and as I told a girl at the “Day Job,” if you say that I don’t like you, well wish granted. I like making women happy, but being a man and all how do I feel about myself. “Friend Like Me, Will”

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Log 233 ~Friend Like Me, Will~

Forgive Me Echo,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and I like Disney properties. Well, couldn’t you tell that from the title? I’m going to be hard-pressed to explain buying stock in it with everything else I want to have. Anyway, today isn’t about ignoring stock options but people. Now, of course, I could teach a master class in this, and I won’t apologize for my views on people. Okay, maybe on women, but that’s business. I respect women on a personal level but in my markets? Inspector Echo I have two words, “Pure Taboo,” and if you look that up, it’s your fault. One day, I’ll have a studio like that honestly, no doubt.

Let’s start with today, and the new normal is I’m a few days ahead. Right now, it’s Sunday the 16th, but I have things to do. Do you say I should go talking to the neighbors about the HUMMING/BUZZING/VIBRATING? I did leave them a note; isn’t that a shocker? What about the people I do know? Indiana Gone and I were all blah in our texts. When it comes to M Anime and Cherry, I’m still a man possessed, so I try to be careful. It’s not panning out as well as I hoped. I continue to dream of black pantyhose on a certain girl; thank you, “Fechikano!” How about having to deal with my “Father” last week? My Dæmon stayed in his bed, either old or scared, that I wasn’t here to protect him. Yes, like a Witch’s Dæmon, I know my “His Dark Materials” folklore. Still, when I see my father that’s like, eat me, said the cake to Alice. He’s no friend.

What about what I have been neglecting to mention for days on end? How little I have spoken of Valentine’s Day. Yes, I still believe there is some girl out there that I might have left lonely. As the song goes, how could you be so heartless? If only I had a voice like Eddie Holman, “Hey There Lonely Girl.” Now I continue to believe money talks, so who am I speaking to these days? Let’s say, more creators in the adult entertainment industry. A cosplayer here or there and what was that about Pure Taboo. I know much worse Inspector Echo, of course, the kind Norton warns of nowadays.

That’s what I’m sorry for now, Friend Like Me, Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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