Log 235 ~Dizzying Heights Of Will~

I’m not scared of heights, well high prices, giving in to specific addictions, and the pitch my son makes if and when he gets into trouble, but I also keep my word count up, well maybe not today. “Dizzying Heights Of Will,” I keep climbing.

Friday, February 21, 2020

Log 235 ~Dizzying Heights Of Will~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, so why am I starving. At this moment, I have $45.00 in my wallet, so that’s solved. $10.00 for gas, $15.00 for “redistribution,” and $20.00 directly to find a new place to eat. My two favorite restaurants closed, but come on, why not get a burger or something. Am I still ticked off at Audible for cheating me out of $5.00? For the record, I was buying Think and Grow Rich. Now also something you should know, who’s not starving, my little pancake; how he eats.

My Dæmon always has food, while I’m going without because I’m a Scrooge. Don’t get me wrong, Lady Sophia, I’m nobody’s charity case as I want to scream at the Day Job. If anything, I’m super selfish when it comes to myself. Okay, so I “buy” plenty of Pornography. I need to get comfortable with that word since I do intend to be a pornographer in one of my business ventures. Come on now, Lady Sophia, if Andrew Davidson’s character in The Gargoyle can say it plenty, why can’t I?

That’s what I’ve been doing at work, listening to The Gargoyle on Audible. One more book I bought while I was getting cheated. It’s one of my favorites to read and speaking of which, I’m still reading Siren: A Dark Retelling by Hazel Grace. I’m heading into that dangerous portion. Where I’m not sure, I should continue, like Chloe warning me in Detroit: Become Human.

One more game I’m not playing because of the “DANG” humming coming from the Den. I left a note for the neighbors, but they might not be the root cause. Talk about things I regret writing because aren’t I supposed to be talking about my son. Anyway, I was dizzy at the Day Job today (Tuesday) from lack of food, seriously I have cash, why not eat? In any case, my son, once upon a time, got so dizzy. He couldn’t jump, was having trouble walking, etc. It turns out there was a tick in his ear. Well, of course, I called the vet and set up an appointment the next day. I carried My Dæmon everywhere for hours, but he still wanted to walk, what a trooper. At the vet, his crying when they pulled out the tick, maddening.

I’m not scared of heights, none but his high wailing so, Dizzying Heights Of Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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