Log 339 ~Willy On A Prayer~

The day will come when you’ll never find me on my knees again, not for a job, a joke, the jerks of the world, etc. I was able to tell “God” no, so why can’t I tell everyone else and at the same time, the things I WANT to do. “Willy On A Prayer.”

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Log 339 ~Willy On A Prayer~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Billionaire right now, but it’s not because God granted it. There was a time I would have sold my soul to Satan if it could be done. You know I’m sick of relying on my parents, scared of my profession, and with “my” people? Yeah, I know I haven’t said much of anything when it comes to the plight, protest, or pandemic. Today should be “happy,” at least for my penis. Of course, I’m writing to you from the past (Sunday 31th). You want me to show gratitude… by the time you’re reading this, the week’s almost up.

Excuse me, Dirty Diana, for exercising some WRITE privilege. Yeah, not funny, but can we get to the sexy. I expect that’s how photographers are when it comes to their models. Do I have the balls to post than NO BOZONGAS picture? Forgiveness over permission. However, I’m no cameraman yet. No, I’m a Dominant, and that means I don’t have to ask for a fucking thing, doesn’t it? Though at this one moment, it would be for self-control. The stress is getting to me, and the week hasn’t begun, again it’s Sunday but too much. I’m asking Father Time for more time in a variety of ways. A former boss asked, why don’t I just quit. Because I talked to Inspector Echo today too and I’m busy chasing the money. Yet I won’t ask God to make a way, down on my knees. Of course, I enjoy others doing so.

Daddy, Master, Sir, the sounds of a young girl um a young woman on her knees begging. Honestly, though, I like the sound of my name; big surprise, I know. Why do you think women charge so much for that? I’m trying not to think about it with other events. After reading The Five by Lily White, I got into Reverse Cowgirl and a girl calling me Daddy. There was also that guy on Paranoia Agent, and do I need to mention other “gentlemen?” Shusaku and Isaku, ah my Hentai past. My favorite positions for girls, though, are Cowgirl and Doggystyle. Yeah, I’m not too keen on Missionary. Always though to have a girl, a queen, an angel, a goddess brought down to her knees. There’s nothing like it, DROOLS.

I’ve been on my knees enough to everybody else Dirty Diana, Willy On A Prayer.

I Will Have No Fear

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