Log 353 ~Will You Be Sexy~

Da Ya Think I’m Sexy… one more question, no woman is answering any time soon unless I went to my ever-dwindling list of friends. Despair, Depravity, and Desire have turned many off, but I am trying. Will You Be Sexy

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Log 353 ~Will You Be Sexy~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Billionaire right now, but I won’t be spending money today? It’s what I keep telling myself, Dirty Diana. Hell, I know for a fact that money Can’t Buy Me, Love. Who was looking for love? SIGH, what about friendship? Don’t be STUPID, Will.

I’m trying Dirty Diana, Do or Do Not, am I right? I can see what’s going on in the world. Last night I was watching Deacons for Defense. I could go and watch Selma and Just Mercy for free right now. Instead, I want to pay to see tits. As Michael Jackson put it, She’s Out of My Life. Keep it In The Closet, these desires which led me to Enchanted Bikinis and Interesting Soul. I haven’t bought anything for my submissive wardrobe in quite some time. Again, Dirty Diana, I’m not the typical guy. Sure, I’d fuck Dillion Harper (right off the top of my head). Anyway, I would, but I’d like to know who her parents are. Jennifer Lawrence is a favorite, but I rather have Katniss Everdeen. Yes, Dirty Diana, I’m all for the naked form, but I do have a clothing fetish, as you can see.

Last week wasn’t I talking about my “superpower” to get girls to take off their clothes. I’m not a hero, I’ve told you, but dare I call myself a puppet master. Now I like girls tied up, preferably by their own clothes. How about the fact that I’m looking at sex dolls once again? Talk about stimulating the economy. Ever since Saturday, I haven’t felt anything but sick. As far as NO FAP is concerned, it’s been 28 days, and the porn still comes and goes. It’s like looking at toys through a store window.

Speaking of the red light district, which I was reminded of recently. The real world continues to get in the way. I keep my streak of never paying to HAVE SEX but the realm of possibility? I need an emotional connection, and there is nothing there. Yeah, I’m still taking the MILF Dos loss hard. I said earlier this week I got rid of all her pictures on my phone. Now her collection rest along with everything else in The Motherload. I’m a pretty pathetic man, and not so sexy. The Law of Attraction, right Dirty Diana because in this life, Will You Be Sexy.

I Will Have No Fear

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