Episode 015 ~Inspiration Doesn’t Need A Map~

Finding inspiration, yeah I pretty much burned the boats and took a walk into the jungle and should I survive, it means staying awake, and that involves some creativity too, but Spotify is helping. “Inspiration Doesn’t Need A Map”

Monday, July 16, 2018

Episode 015 ~Inspiration Doesn’t Need A Map~

Forty-First Rule Madam Justice

Give Me One Reason it doesn’t, but it would help for damn sure especially these days, I’m looking at nine thousand more words, I’m taking static from people about the rules, and staying awake is getting harder. There were days when all I needed was to sit by the lake, feet in the water and wait to be hit by something, how about when there was a pretty girl… yeah ain’t that creepy, and I’ll be the first one to admit technology makes us lazy.

Nowadays I’m less inspiration and more motivation, but if you need to know what started me down this way, it would have to be listening to a speech on Spotify like I was telling “Indiana Gone” the other day, I suppose Spotify knows inspiration by my musical selections. However for most men if you want to know what motivates them, it’s in their pants and the same can be said of women or more to the point in a man’s genes and that’s why nice guys finish last. No, I’m not being bitter, raised a gentleman, but indeed I’m a Bad Man Madam Justice sadly.

I don’t like to think I’m one to be influenced by what I take in but you can take a look at my novel and see which direction I’m going in, and what is I said about the rules on Whisper. Someone’s upset that I used a quote from Mockingjay, *sigh* it didn’t stop me from being one to Bless them and tell them to Get It Now “I Will Not Stop,” how easy inspiration comes from anger amongst other things. If you can’t deal with me quoting movies, songs, books and everything else on a daily basis then we probably can’t be friends, I Can’t Go For That no.

Still, here we are Madam Justice and what inspired me to be here, and you know the answer to that, and no you’re not going to hear Elsa; only because I can do better Let It Go… Let Her Go, and I have, I swear, please believe me. So with that being the case where does Inspiration lead me, to the bank hopefully, to the bookshelves of some bookstore, to my future and am I lost, I don’t think I am, story wise though possibly…

Follow your heart is something I’ve heard a lot of lately and honestly I wouldn’t be here if there wasn’t something, there, of course, it could be a Black Hole but if I don’t drop dead from lack of sleep I’m Will, There’s A Way, Inspiration Doesn’t Need A Map.

I Will Have No Fear

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