Episode 137 ~An Eye Of Will~

Eyeing my next line, whether it be my finances, the ant invasion, or that sliver of sleep I get before all of a sudden it’s morning again but for now thank goodness the only girls I’m seeing are in my novel. “An Eye Of Will.”

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Episode 137 ~An Eye Of Will~


Come In Dirty Diana,
How To Make One Million Dollars, don’t blow all your money on the holidays, Halloween’s long gone and Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, hell I know enough not to waste money buying porn… well, I know that now. Still I wrote witches into my story, and currently, I’m incorporating Alycia Debnam-Carey, Lexi Ainsworth, and Haley Pullos into my novel, apologies ladies, I have a thing for brunettes and Brown Eyed Girl, (I’m aware Alycia has green eyes.)


I need something beautiful to look at, well someone, yes the words of my current title are plenty ugly, but I have seen far worse this past couple of days, the death of a great artist R.I.P. Stan Lee, too few hours of sleep, and I swear if I see one more line of ants. Don’t think I’m going to be in the black this year even if I finish my “Harem Erotica” I’m sure I’ve told someone that on more than one occasion, these days are blurring together, but there’s always “Just Another” girl in the morning. Not that “B III” is giving up his spot in the bed anytime soon and I’m sure his dearest human is bugging the hell out of him.

Sex is something that keeps my eyes wide open, but I suppose you have witnessed these past few weeks that all I want to do is close them, let’s meet in the middle and say Eyes Wide Shut” in a way. All my dirty talk which is pretty moronic despite the plethora of Erotica I read I store for “Pay Two Plague” which very few people have had a “positive” opinion of, I swear if Trump can say “grab ’em by the pussy” how horrible am I? I suppose you could ask The MILF, Eileen Kelly, and Angie Varona, more apologies ladies, if only my fantasies outnumber my problems tonight.

I did finish writing sooner than expected but 5-hour ENERGY plus an Adrenaline rush, so many legs and I want to put them all to bed, but “D-Spray” isn’t something you can pick up from the store. Neither are girls like this, I swear Dirty Diana, we’ve gone from brunettes to girls with black hair and now Sabrina Nichole, no I’m not drunk but probably all kinds of high on fucking fumes… had to justify that warning somehow, to keep going An Eye Of Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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