Episode 221 ~Can Be Border Will~

Anywhere but here, indeed what do I do here but sleep and dream of something better and if I’m awake the little head isn’t helping either, always on edge and trust me that’s not glory, no somebody else is marrying “J Law” *sigh*. “Can Be Border Will”

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Episode 221 ~Can Be Border Will~


Come In Dirty Diana,
How To Make One Million Dollars, become a private detective, think about it, I’ve already had some call me a stalker, like I would waste my time, then again how bored am I, idle hands and all. Take for example yesterday how I found another way to kill time, I take one photo of some European models and next thing you know I have a whole new gallery ready to go.

Pinterest is another time suck though that’s more “research” hell Dennis Hof built over half a dozen bordellos, filled with girls to his liking, only as “Cherry” pointed out I’m only creating a spank bank. I suppose some men dream of going to Bora, Bora, is moving to Las Vegas not big enough or more like Carson City, now that’s a life goal but while I want to tour the world one day “when” I get that far I want to run the place. Keeping my eyes open as it were but from the moment I was born, I became aware everything I wanted was wrong in one way, shape or form, the feminine form.

It’s like I have something akin to borderline personality disorder but then again what do I know, as a matter of fact, my Dirty Diana, what does anybody know about me… yeah, this is going to be less sexy than I hoped, but I’m on edge slightly. My relief is borne from my words hopefully. Even my characters are usually a bunch of smarty pants that read into their hustle, hoes, and hijinks; and this type of work I don’t find hard at all, and it would undoubtedly beat organizing shoes. Talk about boring, but it kept me from watching the clock and that I’m still doing; when your enemy is bound to show up any minute; knowing why you hate them so much honestly.

I could probably use a nice Bordeaux right about now if I were a drinker, but I only have one drug of choice, and I’m trying desperately to keep it under wraps because if I saw her or them naked… a man can dream. So much for my boredom am I right but let a man live in his fantasy even if it winds up sending him straight to Hell but the big head and the little one are stopping cold, and with good reason indeed; Can Be Border Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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