Episode 235 ~Three-Way To Love Will~

Can’t wait until I never have to drive again, and in “Office Space” the movie, dude said you could have a three-way for a million but probably less, though if you’re a guy like me; if I could have Christian Grey’s stacks. Three-Way To Love Will.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Episode 235 ~Three-Way To Love Will~


Come In Dirty Diana,
How To Make One Million Dollars from the comfort of your bed. Now I could go on and on about how others did it, a lot. While you could guess by now, a three-way is right up there “when” I reach success, I have other fetishes.

First off, even though it’s not Wednesday, I owe Aretha Franklin an apology, and I guess Tina Turner too. I was listening to that song Freeway Of Love hint, and I thought it was Tina. Only it’s Aretha. Also, I can never be “direct” with anything or “vanilla.” Well except when it comes to my women, and yeah I’m pretty open when it comes to fucking most ladies. Is it weird that I like sex with clothes on… I’m all for colors, cosplay, but uncovered cunts. Again today is Thursday, and I need to earn that warning someway. Be it tying women up in their underwear. Such are personal favorites, bras wrapped around hands, panty gags. And of course, anything that can be pulled down revealing tits, this week particularly?

Of course, there are exceptions to that concept, and maybe the clothing is hiding something a bit too deep. For example, my pornographic MILF asked would I spank her, would I choke her. Keep in mind, sadist I am, those thoughts came unsolicited. That too is strange not liking masochists. Two people that like pain, match made in Hell right but that might go with my whole thing of innocence. I don’t know any virgins, and it’s like the more a girl faced in the past; seriously I only want to break her more. If I understand she’s a survivor, and at the same time, there is such beauty too.

Still, it’s only with the innocent. In the Fifty Shades movies, Christian Grey got off on hurting women that reminded him of his mother. Hell plenty of black women have caused me pain but it’s because of my mother I don’t want to hurt them, there’s no enjoyment. Now back in high school, there was this brunette who I guess broke me out of my Asian fixation and my light skin sin. Though I still have a thing for Alicia Keys, Tessa Thompson. Nathalie Emmanuel as Missandei, Amandla Stenberg (with hair) and Zoe Kravitz. Should I go and watch Malcolm X again the dictionary scene. Anyway, there is something about those I find no fault in truthfully. Sigh don’t get me started on the “pretty clothing” Three-Way To Love Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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