Episode 236 ~Contents May Explode Will~

They say the proof is always in the pudding, trust me when I say that is not what was coming out of my son when I returned to the house, I’m glad that mess is out of his system though but what about the contents of me. Contents May Explode Will.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Episode 236 ~Contents May Explode Will~

Hey Lady Sophia,
How To Make One Million Dollars, if I keep my mouth shut at work… I wouldn’t even come close. If I continue to grow “wiser,” reading so many dozens of Kindle books, I’m sure I’ll make that amount but for somebody else. Like Skye Warren needs more of my money. How about a self-cleaning doggie pad or litter box, they have those?

Like “B III” has a new nickname “Brown Dynamite” but we’ll get to that. Considering it was the better part of my day and I won’t blame B III for getting sick. Only I feel ill every day I go to work; it’s how I know I have guts. My brain is being bombarded by music, motivations, and musings, that I’m dying to tell you and the other girls. Only all that comes out is this rush of rubbish and rubble always. As dangerous as writing is this is the least harm I can do to myself or anybody. I didn’t even post yesterday, but I didn’t fight either, I didn’t give into my WRATH.

Now LUST Lady Sophia, shit (Language) there’s a reason I didn’t get done writing until around ten last night. Too busy drooling; yeah, don’t I wish, fapping over Angie Varona’s incredible tits. Oh and Jessica Nigri, throw Whitney Wright and “Okay” under the bus. It only got worst this morning in the shower. I don’t know what I’m more ashamed of, what came out of the big head or the little one and why am I telling you? Now that’s the question. Someone asked me, why I have my reasons. You know my lust after one girl broke me and blogging is putting the pieces back together. And if it’s not that then I’m looking for someplace, something or someone, strangely I like writing daily.

Blogging brings me back to Triple B, how before I could start writing I had to clean up his mess. Whatever was wrong this morning? So it got me to wondering a while that I still haven’t done a thing with the trash that is my life. So many books that have never seen the light of day. While I so want to give into my Wrath and I indulge Lust; it’s SLOTH that is the worst. I don’t get up at all unless I’m mad as Hell or ready to fuck. Come on I know dirtier words still awesome to hear the MILF say it though. I’m going to explode if I don’t talk to her again if I don’t ask the other MILF out. If I don’t escape my cage, write my book, save my son, everything I am; Contents May Explode Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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