Episode 234 ~Up, Up, Up, Will~

I wish I could stay up on one subject, in particular, if I’m going to be awake then honestly I should stay that way but why is the climb down from my bed harder than rising anywhere else? Up, Up, Up, Will

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Episode 234 ~Up, Up, Up, Will~

Forgive Me Echo,
How To Make One Million Dollars, join a church, cult, or a coven; you see even that turns me on. When I was young, I also wrote a poem called “Sunday School Girls.” Some months back I read The Cloister Trilogy by Celia Aaron and as far as covens, sigh European Modeling.

Surprising, that’s not what made me blow my wad or several, and you’ll have to forgive me Inspector Echo. It’s only 5:30 in the morning, so I’ll probably be a lot more “candid” attempting to stay awake and keep it in my pants. My first three sins, being honest, hung, and keeping my head up, both little and big. So I guess you already know I won’t be accomplishing my six impossible things, again this week. What week was it that I had my positive streak? The fact that I haven’t whipped somebody’s ass “heh” this week is good enough.

I can’t even look at them, that’s my fourth sin, at the day job there is nothing but rage and people telling me to keep my head up. Truthfully Inspector Echo, I don’t need any more people to make me so angry but whose fault is that? Yes, there is fear as well, I do not deny it; how I “try” to keep my eyes up. I don’t know if it’s the monster in my brain, my mouth, or I’m making a grave with my gaze drilling a hole in the floor. I could talk about feeling as though the world is on my shoulders. These hands as though every finger has a weight attached, or how fat my pockets are getting; that’s a laugh.

My friend “Cherry” has nice lips, it’s one of her best features. Still, she also once teased with her cleavage, “boobies” or would you prefer “tits?” I’m wondering if that’s a language violation? To me the word breast is dull, and I’ve seen Indiana Gone, Okay, the MILF, Court, and how many did I pay peeking? Like something out of Detroit: Become Human, does that count as a fifth sin? I mean models get paid. I still have a wardrobe for a submissive, sex toys. Not to mention still paying off something as Mr. Dink would put it “very expensive.” So want to know how to generate a million dollars, find a way to make other guys pay. Only for this morning, the idea is forgiveness. For liking what I like sigh, breaking No FAP, making life HARD. Keeping my eyes to the ground, and being a few steps down from a “John.” Take a look at my character fodder for The Logos Girls novel.

Forgive me Inspector Echo, but I don’t think God or anyone in the world is suggesting Up, Up, Up, Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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