Episode 233 ~Will Becomes A Geologist~

I’ve never been one for shiny rocks, I find life hard enough, and if I ever publish a book I want so much cold hard cash, and as I heard on an episode of “Daria” money can make anyone beautiful, but so can Love On The Rocks. Will Becomes A Geologist.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Episode 233 ~Will Becomes A Geologist~

Dear Future Wife,
How To Make One Million Dollars, find a way for pets to live forever. Make phones hard enough we’ll drop them anywhere. Also when you hold hands with someone, you’ll never get separated in a zombie apocalypse.

I think to call you “my post-apocalyptic zombie survival fantasy.” You know “George Romero” is a higher compliment than calling you, my wife. Okay, aren’t I glad I bought that new case for my phone? Yes, I can be plenty enough hardheaded. Only how can I not be. The first eighteen years of the lives we lead are devoted to learning things we are meant to keep. Let the kids come to me for homework help sigh talk about finding purpose. Is that why I married young. I was in my thirties; you were in your twenties, where did you dig up that fossil, which beats what people usually say.

They tend to put you on some pedestal, not knowing I wanted to be the man that built it as though I were Pygmalion. Believing you would be my Galatea. Yeah, I should again work on my compliments. Still, while I am always one for classics and tradition, Beautiful, well I need more words. I’ll also count this as one more reason I’m a writer, and you know I write every day, and these words appear in hardcover books. How about on so many tablets and Gulp phones, they rest on so many shelves. My Love, I wouldn’t know the first thing about building a house, but I know cold hard cash gets a lot done. My wife, lover your warmth our house becomes a home if the hardheaded kids take a seat like ever.

They must take after me a lot only; I hope that love finds them quickly. With us my love and especially B III, how long did he dig to find love in me? One paw print on the ground and when he fell, still learning to walk. Talk about twenty seconds of insane courage. How it took me so long to grow into the man “God” meant for you. Old habits baby girl I was raised in the church, dumb as a rock but stories like Adam’s Rib. That a man needed a flaw, an imperfection, brokenness to know a woman, Heaven’s Light, I know I found it in you, I found it in you. My Candy Rain, classics sigh. Much like my ideas for books, like The Logos Girls, is writing a real job, geology a real science, The Way You Make Me Feel? It’s hard to love me I know. Love is a lot of things, but I’m yours, husband, writer; if I was a sculptor… well then again, Will Becomes A Geologist.

I Will Have No Fear

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