Episode 239 ~Creativity Thy Name Is Woman~

If but to woo, warn, and win a woman, I’m not a man of faith but I use the “gifts” I have, I am a writer, I strive to be wise, and dare I call myself a warrior and what’s it all for as the song goes? “Creativity Thy Name Is Woman”

Monday, February 25, 2019

Episode 239 ~Creativity Thy Name Is Woman~

Seventy-Third Rule Madam Justice

How To Make One Million Dollars, don’t sit on your ass and wait. Only in that being said, there are such things as ideas, intendedness, and of course irony. With what happened Friday. It does not profit a man to worry, but like alcohol, a significant cause of and a solution to many of life’s problems. Such becomes the nature of women. The sixty-seventh rule: Women Make The World Harder.

“Don’t do that. Don’t make the mistake of calling what’s inside me worry. Good men worry. Men like me take care of the problem.” Beyond

Let it go Elsa but I can’t because I seem unable to learn from history. I was “skeevy” towards one woman and blocked, thus restarting my writing career. I behaved as a “gentlemen” towards another and all I’ve dreamed of is losing everything. For days I’ve found my libido lacking, XVideos, Pornhub, and My “Vault.” The closest I’ve gotten to porno is casting Memphis Monroe in my short story. “We Are The Thorny Ones,” and that’s a “murder” mystery ha. Yeah, writing is still not making a profit but what about my pornographic MILF, the birthday MILF. My one friend who is calling out for help and why haven’t I done anything to rescue her?

Memphis Monroe, American Daydreams, Naughty Athletics

Speaking of the Birthday MILF, Happy Birthday “Okay” I hope you like The Cloister Series. You being a woman of beguiling beauty, brave badassery, and the brightest brilliance. I wish you all the blessings in this world and even more.

“Plus, every other girl I know is either married, professional or closely related to me. So you’re more, or less–you’re literally the only girl in the world.


“That’s a hell of a thing to say.” The Message, Firefly

Now I sound like Simon from Firefly; didn’t I mention yesterday that I know too many girls and I was telling “Cherry” this. I took one girl to the movies, we had movie nights, I cooked dinner for her, and so she trusted me, so does Okay. I paid the pornographic MILF and kept my word about her naked pictures.

With all of this as known, I believe all women are beautiful in their own way. Now I can always count on well two so far, to make me the worst kind of man. But what if I could be “The Best Man” and Okay’s birthday should count as a Holiday. Like that movie three principles of my life as a man and of course Will’s Writings, Witticisms, and Wisdom. As always my existence does revolve around one thing. Women Madam Justice, writer, wisdom, warrior. I could think of a million other things but never have I done so much if I wasn’t trying to woo, warn, or win a woman. In that order, I give all that I am, because I’m a man, but Creativity Thy Name Is Woman.


I Will Have No Fear

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