Episode 283 ~Have A Ball Will~

I hate most sports except for the Olympics and Professional Wrestling; I have a ball watching them for the most part, somehow or another I find the balls to say that out loud because I’m no Handsome Prince. “Have A Ball Will”

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Episode 283 ~Have A Ball Will~

Forgive Me Echo,
How To Make One Million Dollars? Well, I wouldn’t mind becoming a STUD for Brazzers, Reality Kings, Fetish Network, or Pure Taboo. While I have the balls to say that, I want to be higher than those entities. As for those I’m not ashamed that my balls were ruling my thought process last night. I mean we have the potential of creating life be it the little head or the big head. Our fingers, hell every little step I take. Even in every single breath, I breathe.

Now my second sin for this week is where were my balls when I needed them most. I had to face down two of my managers yesterday. I didn’t have enough of them to tell my “friend” to shut the hell up. Or to tell one more manager how I truly felt. As for having enough. Whether that be my two or the cast I will eventually hire for my Movie Studio, Second Circle Creations. I mentioned before that Math isn’t exactly my strong suit. I’m reminded of a time back in high school, that I was fighting with some kid in French Class. Only the subject got turned to balls, and I said: “at least I have one.” Now that got a laugh and also makes me feel sorry for Trump! WHAT, we all make errors, but I’m not the president. I’m CEO bound.

Keeping in mind corporations have the final jurisdiction in this country. In my eyes, it always comes back to boobs. Either located on the chest, I am one, or I’m figuring out how to get more of both. Yes, I’m pretty selfish I suppose. Still anytime I get a free moment I’m thinking about cash to get this done. Of course, I’m spending even more cash on the cosplayer. I bought her a “bridal outfit.” Talk about high hopes but no. Make money and get her and a dozen other cosplayers to work for me. That’s including one that has a code for Adam and Eve.

Last but not least B always stands for my son B III. Only between my balls, quest for boobs, and balking at the notion of not doing so. I haven’t checked on business. So again being careful what I put out there in the universe, Willie and happy thoughts.

Like Bryant, this blonde from last night’s fantasies. Though more to the hardening point I was writing about Tiernan Hebron in my book. Now that Inspector Echo is my biggest sin (besides Rule 79). My nameless novel is merely a list of sexual fantasies. So for this and all of my sins, I ask forgiveness. For still wanting to work for someone else, letting LUST overtake COURAGE. For going back in time, for making the president human instead of the monster I know he is.

For me being a boob, spending bucks on boobs, and putting business aside for a little while. In exchange for Pinterest boards. Also banging my book; Have A Ball Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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