Episode 319 ~Will Hates Head Games~

Don’t try to wrap your head around this one, lips, hands, whatever you would so choose because could it be possible I’m not in the mood after today started with quite the awesome dream. “Will Hates Head Games.”

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Episode 319 ~Will Hates Head Games~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Millionaire right now. Still, if I ever start talking about caviar and the French Riviera, feel free to shoot me. You’ll know I’m not in my right mind. While I’d bang pretty Cherry from across the pond, I heard somewhere that a dog in a palace is still a dog. That’s the truth.

The truth, though is making my head hurt, the both of them. You remember, I talked about being Prometheus. The bird that skipped my liver to feast upon my heart or my dick. Now it looks like my brain is catching up. I’ve also spoken about how when “I Have A Dream,” it will reveal itself in some way. Only I never know exactly how at the time. However, this meaning came faster than most or didn’t. Geez, Dirty Diana, I was on the brink. So the dream, all I can remember was being back at my parents’ house, in my old room. There I had this blonde sucking my cock; took me all day to find out her name. Madison Foxx, you’ll remember her from such films as “Dong Diner” Money Talks. Also “First Marriage Proposal” Bangbus Homer Drool.

So before I could make my “deposit” in her pretty mouth, I woke up. So how does this equate with my life? Well, I’ve been talking to Alice Little of course at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch and let’s say I was premature. I’m not giving up Dirty Diana. I believe and all that but three months. Which leads me to how long it takes to publish a book. At worse, I’ll never make it. At best eight weeks and then one month to make that money. How about the fact that in Dong Diner, Madison walked out. Jessi Stone was the star “dream” girl, but everything it took to get to her. Still, Madison was the truth I didn’t see.

I panicked, I lost my mind and nearly got hacked today. There I was, tagging shoes this morning and I get an alert that my account was compromised right? Relax as I said a scam, but I almost blew everything because I was afraid. Now I stopped before I did anything stupid, so no hacker got a payload. I didn’t blow mine, and the hot redhead won’t see it sigh.

Am I coming or going, how Will Hates Heads Games.

I Will Have No Fear

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