Episode 318 ~What The S Will~

Indiana Gone says often enough, “Get Your S*IT Together” well not to me, but when it comes to what I write and read, well last week, I talked about being sick but not that kind of illness and considering Alabama, hell I’m delightful. What The S Will.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Episode 318 ~What The S Will~

Forgive Me Echo,
I AM a Millionaire right now, but as we have seen, money doesn’t make us all decent. As much as I would love to be Captain America, Miguel or Robby from Cobra Kai. Or even one of these people hating on Daenerys. I don’t deny my sins.

Captain America never had power, so when he gained it, he knew well enough about people without it. He used it to fight their oppressors. You know I consider money a form of energy and what’s the first thing I’ll be doing with it? My “September Fantasy.” As always Inspector Echo I’m not looking to be the hero. Am I still complaining about the fact that the rich, expect the poor to help the homeless? I don’t clothe the naked, okay collars, leashes, lingerie. My charity is held for those of B III’s persuasion and girls that take their clothes off for me. Now I need only be a man of my word. Still, I have until September, or this month if I can convince MILF Dos. Today I remain silent, silly, or scared so I ask What The Hell?

Yes, that’s what I said when I went to read this particular story and found it deleted. Now I don’t blame the blog owner one little bit. Inspector you know how reading the most horrific stories about young women gets me off. I read Erotica all the time, but it’s the true ones like all that went down with Angie Varona. Quite light compared to poor Amanda Todd and then the Cosplayer’s well damn. I don’t go looking for the broken, except in fiction. But lo and behold I find this “fictional” account about how young starlets get their gigs. Chloë Grace Moretz sigh, two writers spin this tale about her, and it creeped plenty of people out but me? Again being polite; I replaced Hell with “What The Fuck?”

My language right but it burns me up, along with the money in my pocket, positive vibes. Only, they’re not stopping me from sleeping, and that is something I can’t afford. Not if I expect to keep two young ladies screaming. A world in silence reading, or making it at all in a salacious industry. It all comes back to books, brothels, busty starlets. Now I’m speeding along, wanting to keep a promise. I’m sorry I even made it but somehow, What The S Will.

“If Women didn’t exist, all the money in the world would have no meaning.” Aristotle Onassis

I Will Have No Fear

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